Congrats to this beauties

May 14, 2022,22:30 PM

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 By: CFS : May 14th, 2022-07:02

Thank you. Wish you a wonderful weekend too!

 By: joenghenry : May 14th, 2022-07:18
Cheers, Henry ...  

Looks like the perfect way to kick off the weekend! Here's a couple of shots of my (and my girlfriend's) Patek choices these past few days (5088/100P + 5124G + her 7010R! ;-) Have a great Saturday.

 By: FabR : May 14th, 2022-08:16
Rare Handcraft 5088/100P Her 7010 and....her boyfriend Resting for the weekend A pretty decent 5124G salmon shot! ...  

Good life! Enjoy

 By: GregersLars : May 14th, 2022-08:51

You are certainly off to a good start

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : May 14th, 2022-11:03

One More

 By: CFS : May 14th, 2022-13:33

This shot is a pure

 By: GLau : May 14th, 2022-13:46
WOW 🤩! Your 5711 is intoxicated 🥴

Just curious...

 By: David Allen : May 15th, 2022-12:24
Are the ice cubes to keep the glasses chilled or to chill the Champagne? If the latter, I've never seen anyone dilute Champagne before. I'd buy some cheap sparkling wine for that.


 By: CFS : May 15th, 2022-20:12