Sep 07, 2023,08:56 AM

I am very happy to be posting some pictures of my newly arrived 5330G Tokyo special edition. The purple dial is quite colorful under direct lighting, but becomes more discreet at other times.

The date complication is well done, as expected from Patek Philippe. The glass hand looks great, and the date changing when crossing the international date line as well as when crossing midnight is fantastic. 

I’m a little surprised the new movement is based on the 240 instead of the newer 31-260, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that change in future versions of the 5330. 

Having a Tokyo-themed Patek ranks pretty high on my wishlist and it is as if they read my mind with the choice of color and overall design for this release.  I’m very happy to have received an allocation.

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Very nice

 By: chris7509 : September 7th, 2023-09:13
very nice watch !! One question, are you based in Japan or could you get it from another area / country ?

I am a local

 By: brandon.c : September 7th, 2023-09:27
I live in Japan and all of my Pateks have been purchased while living here. It is my understanding that this model was only available to Japanese residents.

That's what i also understood

 By: chris7509 : September 7th, 2023-09:44
Thanks for confirming

Congrats! Very happy for you.

 By: amanico : September 7th, 2023-09:49

pretty high on my wishlist? This is a super gorgeous 💣grail piece 🔥

 By: christianch : September 7th, 2023-10:11
Congratulations wear it in amazing health, what an amazing watch. I don't want to think what would be very high on your wishlist 😅

Wow 🤩! Huge congratulations Brandon ! 👍

 By: GLau : September 7th, 2023-11:44
The color of the dial is superb and matches your jewelry! Enjoy it often !

Congrats, Brandon!

 By: joenghenry : September 7th, 2023-13:23
It looks gorgeous on your wrist. As you said, the date complication is exceptional. Though looks simple, it is actually made of a thin yet perfectly straight piece of glass. The date hand will also move according to the time zone selected. I just managed ... 


 By: vicunaman1 : September 7th, 2023-14:12

Wow, what an exceptional dial!

 By: Gwai : September 7th, 2023-14:18
A beautiful timepiece. Huge congratulations! Cheers Marc


 By: patrick_y : September 7th, 2023-15:59

Congrats!! 🤩🤩🤩

 By: Patekfinity : September 7th, 2023-17:17
Wow…this is definitely an unique reference from Patek! Didn’t know the date hand was made of glass! Amazing!!

This is such a phenomenal watch

 By: stabilizer : September 8th, 2023-04:25
Not related - purple is my favorite color !

I love purple as well

 By: brandon.c : September 9th, 2023-04:03
When I first saw this watch in the display case at the Grand Exhibition I was a bit disappointed as the dial appeared almost black. However, on the wrist the plum color comes through and I appreciate the darker shade being easy to match with different out... 

Beautiful, congratulations!

 By: westrop : September 8th, 2023-07:26

i really...

 By: Peter : September 8th, 2023-09:19
..dislike the transparent date pointer. it does look cheap and out of place. i am afraid that this will show up in the next gen non-limited WT as well.

The hand mostly disappears when looking head-on

 By: brandon.c : September 9th, 2023-03:54
While in normal lighting I can't make out the hand when viewing from the angle of the wrist-shots I posted. The lighting of the showroom does make it more visible, and it is readily visible when looking at an angle. Personally, I quite like it - but I can... 


 By: quattro69  : September 8th, 2023-13:43

Absolutely gorgeous piece 😍😍😍

 By: gioloso : September 18th, 2023-20:02
Love it!

Huge congrats!

 By: p.boxster : September 18th, 2023-20:07
This is THE world timer! The color is great and the date function is the missing part on other world timers that make it perfect!! I hope there will be other iterations of the movement but yours is the grail!! 👍