Cartier Tank Quartz

 By: Thomas_3 : May 30th, 2022-02:45
I have always been a manual or automatic only watch guy,
but am considering a quartz Cartier, undecided on which one
just yet.  I know very little about quartz, I am assuming 
Cartier uses a good quartz movement and I won't be 
disappointed.  Thoughts???

Here is my 2 cents on the matter.

 By: MilDiver : May 30th, 2022-04:40

Will start by mentioning that like many of the community members, Quartz was a taboo, almost.


Because a Gshock was acceptable smile

So quartz is (was) for me a taboo on "expensive" watches.

Why is that? it was not a "real" watch.


Then my knowledge expanded and my horizons widened.

There is a quartz and there is a quartz. For example:

The Rolex Oyster quartz.

The FPJ Elegante.

The Grand Seiko quartz..


My acceptance for expensive quartz watches is for high quality quartz watches (not necessarily expensive) made to last many years .

The main concern I have is water that can ruin the circuit but if like many collectors these days you’re keeping your watches off of water you'll be fine.


To sum it up:

I will only buy “expensive” quartz watches made in a quality components to “last a lifetime”. These include Grand Seiko etc that uses quality components.

Cartier in some models uses cheap quartz components,  would not touch them unless I buy it as a fun watch to work as long as it works, in other models they uses a slightly better one, still IMO its a cheap quartz watch with higher price tag.

With quartz I have GS, Breitling and Casio. One of each.

 By: Steve E : May 30th, 2022-05:19
I can't rule out that I would purchase another quartz watch, but if it was one from a "better" brand I'd want to understand what was going on with the movement.

My advice is to read a GS quartz review and get an understanding of the things Grand Seiko does to create excellent quartz movements. Those includes thermal compensation, sealing, anti-lash seconds hands and more. Other makers can certainly do those things too. So I'd want to know if they are before I committed the funds.

Cartier quartz movement …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 30th, 2022-08:20
In 2018, Cartier introduced a high-efficiency quartz movement with an estimated life of approximately 8 years. To achieve this the movement was revised to reduce its energy consumption and was combined this with a new high-performance battery, it has a more water-resistant battery that has a longer life, optimising self-discharge in addition a 5% higher capacity than previous models.

When the watch is serviced at approximately eight years the movement is usually replaced. 

Don't worry about the quartz movements in Cartier watches

 By: Geo : May 30th, 2022-12:27
I have a Panthere watch from the eighties with a quartz movement and the watch still runs perfectly.
This watch has an older movement where the battery lasts about two years.
The current models have batteries that only need to be changed every 8 years as Cpt Scarlet already mentioned.

Good to hear your thoughts GEO …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 30th, 2022-14:02
The current models are definitely an improvement in battery usage.

I have a 1970's Trinity gilt dial must de Cartier quartz and . . .

 By: chippyfly : May 30th, 2022-14:23
. . . the high capacity (1.60mm thick ) battery last between 4 and 5 years. It remains very accurate after all this time. No seconds hand preserves the power. Who needs a seconds hand on a quartz watch? The 9J movement is by Frederic Piguet cal 820 (Cartier cal 81). I think Cartier treats its general quartz and mechanical movements with equal emphasis or certainly did so, including the similar prices. I think the big query was and remains how long will a quartz movement last against a mechanical movement that can last 100 years + +? The answer may well be the manufacture of the batteries in 100 years time.

Picture below.  Gent's watch very small by today's fashion.

Small but perfectly formed 🤩

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 30th, 2022-19:03

Interesting announcement

 By: Weems@8 : May 30th, 2022-17:44
I know something about quartz.
The stone have an ideal frequency for watches when a power send through the quartz. Result is very accurate.
The downside is, it is electronic. It needs power from a battery.
It can be made very simple, so there is not much to talk about between passionated people.
A print, a battery, a quartz, nothing polished inside. The few gears do not help to make it more interesting.
Everybody can afford it, while for a beautiful mechanical watch the price is that high fearing people who only want a watch for knowing the right time.
Sure a quartz Cartier is something different than a Casio g-shock.

I have one quartz watch, because i like the way Longines worked on it.
4 years development by 200 employers. My super Swatch.