A manual wind day.

Jun 06, 2019,07:18 AM

Yes I know - two counter hands should be orange...I bought the watch this way, they must have been swapped out during a service over its long life....I’ve been having a difficult time finding original orange counter hands but I’ll keep looking smile

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Absolutely 🍻 [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 6th, 2019-09:42

Just checked my usual suppliers as well as eBay . . .

 By: Dr No : June 6th, 2019-09:10
. . . and couldn't find a set of orange hands. Common as dirt just a few years ago. Try Cousins UK . . . you'll have to register for an account to search their database. Or, take your Mk II to a certified Omega watchmaker; he'll be able to order a set. Wa...  

Thanks, Art!

 By: Sportster : June 6th, 2019-09:28
I appreciate you taking the time to share this information with me! Now that I’ve seen your watch with the orange hands I guess I’m going to have to start searching again! Your watch looks great! Enjoy in the best of health.

What's this fixation / shortage of orange hands?

 By: cazalea : June 6th, 2019-09:35
Probably 8 billion extra watch hands in the world (extrapolating from all that I have) and never can we find the right orange one to fit! Mike ...  

Nice watch! [nt]

 By: Sportster : June 6th, 2019-10:12