Sep 06, 2019,09:18 AM

Dear Friends

Please allow me to share some photos of an Omega which I don't believe I have posted before.

Case size is 37.5 mm. This olive shaped pusher chronograph is powered by the omega caliber 33.3

And the icing on the cake,.. the dial is enamel...

It brings a smile every time I look at this 80 year old grandfather smile

Hope you like the shots ! HAWGE and best regards

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thank you dear Nicolas and looking at your shot..

 By: Seeks : September 6th, 2019-09:40
I love the dial + case! and the condition ! Highly recommend I wonder how many variations of the cal 33.3 were released by Omega. Seen quite a few ! Best regards and thx again

Much appreciated !!

 By: Seeks : September 7th, 2019-03:08

many thanks dear raymond !

 By: Seeks : September 7th, 2019-02:13
best regards

That’s a cool Omega Seeks !...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : September 6th, 2019-11:31
And an excellent case size. Enjoy !

thank so so much, dear Capt’n !

 By: Seeks : September 7th, 2019-02:13
best regards

My pleasure...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : September 7th, 2019-04:13
look after it and enjoy !

many thanks my friend

 By: Seeks : September 7th, 2019-02:13
glad you enjoyed it and best regards

Handsome grandpa.

 By: VMM : September 6th, 2019-14:11
Beautiful Omega, the enamel dial looks great. Thanks for sharing. Vte

So, so nice.

 By: DruidPadj : September 6th, 2019-17:53
Old chronographs are wonderful finds; this one is a treasure.

thank you for kind comments

 By: Seeks : September 7th, 2019-02:15
i think so.. i get surprised once in a while best regards

Anything for my friends, dear echi ;)

 By: Seeks : September 7th, 2019-02:17
many thanks

Well you surely know how to delight..

 By: Echi : September 7th, 2019-02:23
Lovely 33.3

many thanks dear dmitriy

 By: Seeks : September 7th, 2019-02:18
best regards

An example that pristine truly belongs in the Omega Museum . . .

 By: Dr No : September 7th, 2019-13:13
. . . but if it has to be in the wild, it couldn't have found a better wrist to accompany. ;-)

Thank you dear Art for your kind words!

 By: Seeks : September 8th, 2019-01:43
I will take good care of it! Best regards

That is BEAUTIFUL. I can easily see a "re-edition" of it.

 By: MichaelC : September 12th, 2019-05:26
I would not change a thing.

many thanks michael, for kind words

 By: Seeks : September 13th, 2019-09:23
You have a good point on the re-edition / tribute have a great weekend my friend