Great post, Nad!

Jan 24, 2010,16:22 PM

Thanks for sharing. That PAM 365 EOT looks amazing.

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Here is my contribution to the SIHH 2010 watches

 By: Nad : January 23rd, 2010-14:43
I just returned from a day at SIHH and here is are some pix I had the pleasure to take at the Panerai Booth!! Here are some photos taken through the display cases PAM 339 Original Mare Nostrum PAM 300 PAM 268 PAM 346 Titanium PAM 270 PAM 311 PAM 306 Tourb...  

thanks Nad

 By: Bruno.M1 : January 24th, 2010-00:17
and if you could get 1 ... which one would it be ? I'm looking for somebody who won't answer 'the 339' ;-)

Thanks Nad

 By: Reneo : January 24th, 2010-01:17
Good 2 see more pics from the PAM29 ) Reneo

Thanks for the pictorial report Nad!

 By: AnthonyTsai : January 24th, 2010-08:48
Since this was your 1st SIHH, how did you like it? It's simply fantastic there right? Totally different atmosphere than Baselworld. How you like the PAM29 re-edition? This one has my eye! Cheers, Anthony PS. Great looking suit btw.

Hi Anthony, thanks for adding a 'sticky' to my post! SIHH is a watch lover's

 By: Nad : January 24th, 2010-10:13
......dream All brands have outside displays of their 'latest & greatest', so even without access to the inside of a booth, one still gets to se most of the new models. Obviously, some are withheld for private viewing inside the booth. I have never attend...  

Great report Nad...

 By: grippys : January 26th, 2010-09:12
Many thanks m8 Cheers, John...  

A stupendously wonderful essay!

 By: BluNotte : January 24th, 2010-15:30
Thanks Nad for taking these! I love the shot of the glowing Mare! Really shows the piece off well! I hope to join SIHH one day if i'm considered worthy! You are very lucky to be invited to there! cheers Stephen

Great post, Nad!

 By: Davo : January 24th, 2010-16:22
Thanks for sharing. That PAM 365 EOT looks amazing.

Nad, it was nice seeing/recognizing you walking the Geneva’s’ streets

 By: PoyFR : January 25th, 2010-03:05
I hope we one day can meet for a longer time ;-) Thanks for your 'contribution' ;-)

FANTASTIC NAD!!! One question....

 By: nacho m : January 25th, 2010-04:33
Wonderful report. Really enjoyed all pics. You can really imagine how they look. Im surprised of one thing related with 339. It looks REALLY brown in your pics. Is that correct? Does the case look really brown...or just a slightly brownish tone and looks ... 

300, 335 and 339 are my favorites

 By: efftee : January 25th, 2010-07:20
Thanks, Nad! Somehow, an Equation of Time Panerai doesn't quite sit well with the scheme of things for me. I guess my idea of Panerai is still very much a brand of utilitarian timepieces more akin to tradition than high technology.

Thanks Nad!

 By: ALEPOS : January 25th, 2010-09:25

thanks for the post!

 By: eloise : January 25th, 2010-16:25
Are those gold hands that I spy on the 338? And I have to say that 339 is gorgeous. . . . . .

Yes, Gold hands! nt

 By: Nad : January 26th, 2010-06:29

Thanks for posting

 By: aldossari_faisal : January 26th, 2010-05:22
i was wondering if there is any clue about the availbility date of 359 and 339. Thanks Faisal

No firm dates yet! nt

 By: Nad : January 26th, 2010-06:28

Thanks for the respond [nt]

 By: aldossari_faisal : January 26th, 2010-06:56
No message body

Thanks Nad for the great post

 By: gazoz : January 26th, 2010-20:34
and review the new pams look special also i noticed you have 2 watches on your wrists any particular reason or just soaking in the SIHH