OMEGA releases "From Seamaster to Seamaster: The First 70 Years" photograph book

Oct 16, 2018,11:32 AM

Marking the 70th anniversary of the famous OMEGA Seamaster, a captivating new photograph book has been created to detail the collection’s incredible design history.


Announcing the release of

“From Seamaster to Seamaster: The First 70 Years”


Featuring more than 200 exclusive watch portraits, “From Seamaster to Seamaster” is a celebratory story of evolution, revolution and superb craftsmanship in the finest detail. Exactly 70 unique Seamaster watches were selected for the project and were photographed in a truly creative studio setting.


From the very first robust model in 1948, through to this year’s state-of-the-art releases in 2018, the special images give an in-depth look into how the Seamaster has expertly bridged the gap between functionality and style during its seven-decade lifetime. Certainly, it is a must-have book for any watch collector, Seamaster fan or design aficionado.


Throughout 70 years, the OMEGA Seamaster has achieved legendary status all over the planet. First designed as a sophisticated timepiece for “town, sea and country,” the collection has since progressed to become a trusted choice for deep-sea divers, sailors, military personnel, scientists, business executives and, of course, James Bond.


To represent this comprehensive journey, “From Seamaster to Seamaster” is divided into eight unique chapters and eras, including “Hope”, “Descent”, “Highrise”, “Boom”, “Revolution”, “Millennium”, “Bond” and “Transcendence”.  On every page, the minimal yet vivid pictures reveal why and how the Seamaster has become such an icon of the watchmaking world, with innovation and style that has often been unmatched within the industry. They also show a collection that has consistently changed with the times but has always remained true to its pioneering spirit. 


Now available through a number of online bookstores and on the Rizzoli website:

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At first glance the book looked interesting to me but...

 By: logan2z : October 26th, 2018-06:04
It seems it's nothing more than a picture book with no real historical or technical information. I'd suggest anyone who is thinking of buying the book read the reviews on Amazon as most people seem to be disappointed in the lack of written information in ...