Too good to be true?

May 03, 2022,10:43 AM

I was willing to take the risk with this one and took it home-However, when I saw the movement under light it just seemed brand new and really shiny-just too good to be true really-
The question is why would anyone go through all that work for a fairly affordable piece of watch if it's not a Minerva? look at the blued hands and the work on the case-Runs immaculate and chronological too-Keeps time no fuss and sounds beautiful.
I just don't know-What do you think?

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Thanks man for your input-

 By: jlc.thomsen : May 3rd, 2022-11:32
Yeah it sort of looks right but feels wrong being so bloody shiny-Maybe just a time capsule movement lying in a drawer for 60 years- But really cool just to open the lid and study the movement-my first pocket watch you can tell.

Most of them have spent the last 50 years or so either in a drawer or a safe!

 By: Mary Anny : May 3rd, 2022-11:43
So, I agree with templetowers, movements of pocket watches can be pretty immaculate! I own three of them and they are so! Enjoy

I will dear Nico

 By: jlc.thomsen : May 4th, 2022-17:27
Just don’t want to turn up with a Chinese copy cat and feel completely stupid😬. I tell you, it doesn’t show too much on pictures but it looks like new.

Definitely does look like some parts were remade or replaced...

 By: patrick_y : May 3rd, 2022-15:56
That V bridge doesn't look right and one of the brass gears doesn't look correct neither, amongst other things. It is strange to have a watchmaker go through all of that work for an inexpensive watch to rebuild a bridge. The brass gear is something out of... 

Thanks a lot for your input Patrick.

 By: jlc.thomsen : May 4th, 2022-17:33
Yes I can see the point there. But again why go through all this. Let’s see what Minerva says.

Yes... That is indeed strange!

 By: patrick_y : May 4th, 2022-17:52
Maybe that watchmaker just really needed the business? Who knows...

Green arrow.

 By: patrick_y : May 9th, 2022-04:46
I could be wrong, but this brass wheel with the hole on top looks like a generic part added later to the movement. What do you think Art? ...  

Not much difference with a confirmed cal 10 . . .

 By: Dr No : May 9th, 2022-06:08
. . . that I can discern, Patrick. Couldn't find any other pics, but the cal 9 . . . . . . is also similar. Best, Art ...  

Hmm. Interesting!

 By: patrick_y : May 9th, 2022-15:36
Looks like I was wrong about that gear then! It seemed strange to me that it had a hole on top. But I guess that's normal in this case. Thanks for pointing that out Art!

Thanks guys for chipping in. I sent a letter to the manufacture a few days ago.

 By: jlc.thomsen : May 10th, 2022-19:05
Still no answer. Will keep you posted. If anyone knows anyone competent at the manufacture that would be great help. Just sent an email to MontBlanc customer support trying to find the right office in charge of such matters.

Crossing my fingers for you!

 By: patrick_y : May 10th, 2022-19:24
Villeret is an interesting and inconsistent animal. Hopefully they will have a well organized response for you!

Well I still don’t have any answer

 By: jlc.thomsen : May 11th, 2022-20:34
🤔wonder what to do next. Anyone knows anyone? PS will you be coming to JLC in June?

I don't know any Minerva experts here other than Adam . . .

 By: Dr No : May 12th, 2022-03:01
. . . and will ask him to weigh in. Judging by available photos of identical or similar movements, though, I don't believe you have any cause for worry. The movement looks authentic to my eyes. Best, Art

Thanks a lot Dr!!!

 By: jlc.thomsen : May 12th, 2022-20:40
Merci! What is Adams WPS name? I was hoping that the manufacture could check it based on case and movement numbers. PS I really love the chrono and it keeps amazing good time and resets perfectly.

Adam's log-in is Speedie74 . . .

 By: Dr No : May 13th, 2022-15:06
. . . and he should be commenting on your Minerva pocket watch shortly. Hopefully, Art

Cool-thanks Doctor!

 By: jlc.thomsen : May 13th, 2022-15:27