Master Compressor Diving GMT, a review...

Jul 20, 2011,08:15 AM

Hi all.

Today, I decided to tell you a little more about the last arrived, the JLC Diver GMT.

It is part of the Compressor JLC range, a line appeared in the early 2000s and offers a seal by compression keys.


A simple system that locks and seals with a turn of the key.
The white arrow, the system is locked, two blue arrows, the system is open.

On this Diver, the crown is covered with rubber to provide good handling even with diving gloves.

Aesthetically, it's very "athletic" as a choice and I find the range Diver more in line with the compressor system, the traditional compressor range is less my taste, even if the watches are good adventurer dressed.

The JLC "dive watch" proposal is composed of a relatively wide range now. Indeed, the range has just won an alarm clock and a 3-hand with the NSA.
It has a three hands, a GMT, a chrono, an alarm and a depth gauge.

The GMT is no longer in the catalog in this size, it increased from 44 mm to 46 mm. An error IMHO, the new loses his balance on the dial side.
The 44 mm was produced in 1500 copies, the new 46 mm changes in the catalog.

This watch is a real pitbull.

The case and bezel are in grade 5 titanium with an alternation of brushing that give a dark shade at the watch all highlighted by several brilliant chamfers.
The bezel is very well thought out and is easily manipulated using the lugs on the periphery.

The dial is very readable, important for a diver's watch!

The indexes are applied, the solid hands, date at 3 o'clock, the reference time at 9 am and the working indicator at 6 o'clock.
Exactly, back to the operating indicator. JLC has chosen a flag instead of a second hand, it is fun to use.

The system is simple (small house diagram):

To maintain clarity in the depths, a luminova line is separating the white area and the blue sector.

The watch is powered by the 975, widely used by JLC, it allows the addition of several complications.

© Suitbert Walter

Not a lightning finish but a reliable manuf with ceramic rotor balls.
The advantage of this caliber is the flexibility of the GMT system's which is equivalent of a Rolex GMT.
Only the reference time has its own dial, the date is semi-fast, it adjusts its time to travel on the main dial with jumping hour.

This Diver is water resistant to 1000 m, the only of the range.

It is also the only one with a screw back, the other models in the series have a caseback with four screws.
It also have the inscription of the 1000 hours.

At the time of its release, it had been tested to 1080 m in a pit in Hawaii.

here: p

I wear this Diver often on a NATO, titanium case makes the watch relatively light.

I recently opted for a rubber from Isofrane© (I do not like JLC rubber and I'm not a big fan of the articulate one).

She won again in nervousness with this combo.

The wrist, it requires:

Finally, she is for this summer.
I wear it with great pleasure, it remains quiet (it's not a Sub, or a Breit, Santos ...), it is technical and I also found a good alternative to current tech' diving watch.

Thank you for your attention.


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To me, THE MC Diving GMT is the 44 mm one.

 By: amanico : July 20th, 2011-08:38
Which associates strenght and a certain beauty, with a lot of charm. While the 46 mm is way too big for my taste, the case starting to be way too big and thick. You made the perfect choice, and the provenance is impeccable. Nice " Bomba " from JLC. Best a... 

Thanks Nico

 By: Caius : July 21st, 2011-01:36
And It's my first JLC

And not your last, hopefuly. ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : July 21st, 2011-01:37
No message body

A nice read and great pics...

 By: roman : July 20th, 2011-09:51
thank you for taking the time with this review.

Great review..

 By: ocwatching : July 20th, 2011-10:18
and graphics (animated!!). Thanks for your time in putting this review together. I too agree, the 46mm has gotten to be a bit unmanagable. The GMT as a second dial is a useful complication and well done. Thank you for your time!

Great watch! Once correction...

 By: watchme : July 20th, 2011-10:33
the Diving Chrono is also 1k meters. I have it on the articulated rubber and have found it to be the most comfortable, due to the rubber over a curved titanium link creating a perfectly ergonomic fit. I also love the adjustable clasp. Either one makes a G... 

Thanks for the correction

 By: Caius : July 21st, 2011-01:40
Do you have a picture of the caseback, is it a screw one ? Best Doug

Well done

 By: Davo : July 20th, 2011-13:07
Great review and pics. Thanks for sharing.

Good review...

 By: gup502 : July 20th, 2011-18:03
Thanks for sharing your review and pictures. 46mm to me is a bit too big...

Excellent review...

 By: nwp627 : July 20th, 2011-19:21
...thank you. My 44mm GMT on titanium bracelet says hello! N...  

A great watch.

 By: grigo : July 20th, 2011-22:35
I often thought of getting this one, but opted instead for the NSA. Great review, but personnally I love my articulated bracelet. Best regards, George

NSA is a great watch...

 By: Caius : July 21st, 2011-01:42
A good friend of mine have a NSA and side by side they are really different !

love this diver

 By: playtime : July 20th, 2011-23:03
thx for sharing--I remember still how much I wanted this watch..... J

nice read...

 By: Stefan : July 21st, 2011-08:20
... this is truly a great tool watch for diving. thanks for the review. stefan

Thank you for a great review, Caius!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 22nd, 2011-02:30
The MC Diving GMT not often seen here. I was very close to jump on this one but then I got to know about the NSA was coming… So, yes – guess what I choose… Thank you for sharing! Best Blomman

Old thread

 By: iulianbutum : May 23rd, 2020-08:19
wow so many years back ,the watch still great though,I have the 46mm version for already couple months now,despite the size witch I have no problem I prefer this dial with full minute markers all around,love the watch so much,so technically and wearable,I... 


 By: iulianbutum : May 23rd, 2020-10:25
I had no hope that you’ll read the watch.... is fantastic,I’ll say in the ocean world this would be “The Great White (Grey) Shark”

Nice nickname! [nt]

 By: amanico : May 24th, 2020-00:18


 By: iulianbutum : May 23rd, 2020-10:40
And I love the fact that the chronograph is 44mm ,now I’m raising founds for the deep gauge,maybe I’ll be lucky to find it,and of course to have the money,even though I’m torn between deep gauge and deep sea Chronograph,I read that they case the same move... 


 By: iulianbutum : May 23rd, 2020-11:53
The pictures don’t do the justice to this watch,it happened only when I saw it in person .Also for some strange reason it’s not easy to make it look good in the pictures,sometimes when I look down on my wrist I’m stunned ,but like I said it’s like a ghost...