Here is the sand mist. I’ve barely seen the sun since 5 days

Jun 24, 2020,04:59 AM

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Awesome shot!!! [nt]

 By: myles721 : June 24th, 2020-05:23

Great shot !

 By: dms : June 24th, 2020-09:25
Have you noticed the circle that I am seeing on the dial? (centered and with a radius of about the length of the minutes hand). What is it? Optical effet?

LOL, sad but true 🤣😂 [nt]

 By: holdemchamp1225 : June 24th, 2020-11:47

I've checked mine

 By: dms : June 25th, 2020-02:42
... and discovered a somehow similar mark. I do have the same mark, but only about 1/3 circle. Under the loupe I can tell that this is not on the dial but appear to be on the inner face of the crystal !!!???!!! My most plausible hypothesis (although very ... 

It’s a cool detail [nt]

 By: Handwound : June 26th, 2020-10:29

Beautiful Watch

 By: Jim : June 24th, 2020-11:31
You're taunting me!

Fantastic capture of the rouge!!!How have the sunsets been?

 By: Handwound : June 25th, 2020-11:55
I heard the dust can make them gorgeous

Wow nice tone

 By: Ping.Timeout : June 28th, 2020-01:00
Have never seen a rouge pic in this maroon tone. I wish i have one.