App crash when I want to open pictures + post width not automatic anymore

Jan 16, 2018,13:21 PM

Hello all,
On my phone, a good old iPhone 5c, the app now crashed when I want to open pictures. It used to work in the past.
Also, the width of the posts does not adapt to the screen anymore and I have to make it fit myself on the touchscreen.
Have other members encounter similar problems?

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Example of screen width 'problem'

 By: eklektik : January 16th, 2018-13:22

There is a update to the app that will fix both these issues.

 By: carl : January 17th, 2018-16:40
It should be available within a couple of days.

The new version of the app has been released.

 By: carl : January 25th, 2018-06:51
These should all be fixed now.

I tested the update

 By: eklektik : January 25th, 2018-11:34
Hello carl, I tried the update and only the width problem is sorted, the app still crashes when I double tap a picture to be able to zoom in. Sorry for bringing annoying news, Best, É.

Sorry you are still having the issue.

 By: carl : January 27th, 2018-00:35
I am unable to reproduce the problem. What version of iOS are you using and what device are you using? Does the following work around work for you? In the settings app. settings> watchprosite> Watchprosite needs to have access to photos as in the followin...  

Testing on 5s iOS 10.3.1

 By: carl : February 6th, 2018-12:49
The closest I can get Works for me. ...  

And disabled photo access and reset...

 By: carl : February 6th, 2018-12:52
Test ...