Looks like a nite to remember..

Jun 28, 2008,02:43 AM

It must have been with such wonderful watches and fine company.

thank you for a great report.

Agree with you on the trio its amazing. I was very surprised once I tried it on, didnt get it beforehand. Incredible piece. Karis stuff is amazing as well. In my eyes I think he is a match for Dufour. I know not everyone agrees. And he is an incredible nice and modest person as well.


kind regards


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An Amazing Nite... the Luxury of Independence

 By: raphmeister : June 27th, 2008-23:39
this was a magical evening for me as i got to meet, to communicate with someone i consider a true artist and great watchmaker... but before i go on (and on and on) about that, i'll share about my wonderful experience at this great event... with a lot of p...  

Wow, Raph, it was like in a dream

 By: amanico : June 28th, 2008-00:03
I had the chance to see the KV yesterday on the wrist of one of our purist friends... This is now a watch I consider a lot. I was hitten by the shape of the case, the extraordinary finish of the dial and of the movement... Yep, this one will certainly be ... 

It was indeed a dream-like evening with the stars!

 By: LCDW : July 1st, 2008-16:07
Nicolas , to be in the room with the presence of one independent watchmaker is an overwhelming contentment for me but to be with three of them? I was seeing stars... KV is a very humble master, simple, sweet and humorous too if one manage to spend time wi... 

Yep, LCDW, I really have to pay some more interest to KV watches

 By: amanico : July 1st, 2008-22:49
You're absolutely right. I have to confess that I don't know a lot of things about Indepedants, and this is a Pity! Thanks for your answer. Best. Nicolas

Beautiful watches

 By: Geo : June 28th, 2008-00:21

Some additional casual shots

 By: Jokoh : June 28th, 2008-00:37
Last but not least....The pose Yes, thanks to Kari, Vianney, Roger and the people from Hour Glass. It was indeed a night to remember ;-) cheers joe...  

Note that the Antiqua has remained unchanged for over 10 years

 By: bernard cheong : June 28th, 2008-17:28
And for such a heavily over the horizon watch, not over the top, but way off the GPS system......the design has stood the test of age, The Antiqia continues to have a wait list, and Vianney has recently designed into the perpetual a new leverage system th... 

no need to change...

 By: raphmeister : June 28th, 2008-20:03

Thanks for sharing. [nt]

 By: Davo : April 9th, 2009-13:41
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That is HEAVY artillery....

 By: pplater : June 28th, 2008-04:04
...Singapore is clearly becoming the second spiritual home of the Independents. Thanks for the vicarious thrill Raph. Cheers, pplater.

thanks all and ...

 By: raphmeister : June 28th, 2008-11:09

What a great evening

 By: DonCorson : June 28th, 2008-14:17

Wow...Thank you so much

 By: CL : June 28th, 2008-19:23
for the wonderful report and beautiful images. The Kari 27 is OMG gorgeous, so are his Obsevatoire. Simply stunning...Wow!!! Lovesss*CL

you're most welcome...

 By: raphmeister : June 28th, 2008-20:29

To : Ralph

 By: phil30 : June 29th, 2008-23:54
Sadly no appreciation to the photographer who took that photo of the lovely ladies and you.

uhh... errrmmmm...

 By: raphmeister : June 30th, 2008-06:18