An Amazing Nite... the Luxury of Independence

 By: raphmeister : June 27th, 2008-23:39
this was a magical evening for me as i got to meet, to communicate with someone i consider a true artist and great watchmaker... but before i go on (and on and on) about that, i'll share about my wonderful experience at this great event... with a lot of pictures of course smile do step through the looking glass with me...

the boys... a fine bunch of horology enthusiasts here in Singapore
i am always happy to catch up with them on watches and other stuff wink

George (a top guy all around) Linda (a wonderful lady showing
us her lovely voutilainen piece) and me

to the watches then... voutilainen. to be honest before today i did not have a deep appreciation of his wonderful creations... i had heard of (and heard) the decimal repeater and i remember articles on the net about longines movements refinished but that was it. having had a chance to see many examples in the metal, i can now say i find them to be truly beautiful and amazing time pieces

vianney halters watches up next...
the trio... much nicer in the metal than in pics

the goldpfeil... one of the watches i almost pulled
the trigger on


the classic... one of the watches i was also targetting to acquire...

but i think my destiny lies with the antiqua...
more to be said about this soon...

more pics of the chronometer 27... resplendant indeed

trio from another angle.. the beauty of vianneys art is that
it looks different from different angles... its like different
interpretations but one understanding

ooohhh i like this... the color of this dial is just amazing...

max busser and friends... mbf horological machines 1 & 2

better in the metal than in most pics i have seen of em

lovely metal machines...

urwerk 103s... i like these better than the 201 series...

satellites calling ...

the figure 8

a dinner companion's 103...

such a beautiful watch...

a nice ulysee nardin was spotted too...

the blue dial version is not as striking as the orange dial piece above but
is still gorgeous
and looks great against the gold...

the movement is breathtaking...

this was just so very nice...

my respect for kari has shot to maximum levels...

a happy moment between a genius and his muse perhaps? smile

Rosemarie.. if you look up 'effervescent' in the dictionary, you may find
her picture right there smile top gal who got this gig together...
thanks so much for the nite Rosemarie


next up is me and pal George again... exchanging notes
about our next targets wink addicts the 2 of us...

but of course we have different tastes...
and this would be my
drug of choice...

my grail...

i had a good catchup with Bernard as well whom I highly respect

and he was wearing this 'not so little' number...
in his words... its a real man's watch smile


and there were beautiful ladies present too... ching wyin, a great gal and irin,
looking as stunning as ever... there were doing a pretty good job at
distracting me while another staff member took my credit card
out to pay for one of the above pieces... *kidding yuh* smile

luvly denise modelling 'her' new daniel roth...

hmm... i believe she was sweeter than these desserts even smile

another gorgeous independent was on a mates wrist...

the finishing is beyond reproach

to me this is more lovely than the dial side of the watch for this model...

simply beautiful

roger smith was around to tell us a bit about his lovely creations

rogers finger in the shot... pointing out to us all the
fine intricacies of the movement...


a friends watch... this is simplicity... no words for this...

... except that i need a better camera ...

a final closer look at the 27 as me and George spent some time
chatting with Kari...

and a not so good shot of the back but just thought i'd share it anyways

and finally, the highlight of the night for me... it is this man whose hands, whose mind and heart applied to watches creates new realities... if ever you were looking for a watch that was alive... with music, with poetry, with soul... it would be,
it should be one of this artist's work. it was such a profound pleasure
spending 15 to 20 minutes talking to him... the sounds of the room was drowned
out and all i could hear, feel was his expression, his language and it was transcendental...

i hope to own this some day... i can be patient...
not 'love in the time of cholera' patient
... but patient...

and finally, sincere thanks to Michael, Rosemarie, Alan, Irin, Ching Wyin and all other hour glass folks involved in making this such a memorable event for me and i am sure for many that were there too. keep up the great work smile signing off now...


Wow, Raph, it was like in a dream

 By: amanico : June 28th, 2008-00:03

I had the chance to see the KV yesterday on the wrist of one of our purist friends...

This is now a watch I consider a lot.

I was hitten by the shape of the case, the extraordinary finish of the dial and of the movement...

Yep, this one will certainly be included in my Wish List...

I also saw that you touched some very nice other pieces, as the UN 160 Anniversary..I love so much this piece, too!

Thanks for sharing, my friend, now I have stars in my eyes...


It was indeed a dream-like evening with the stars!

 By: LCDW : July 1st, 2008-16:07

Nicolas , to be in the room with the presence of one independent watchmaker is an overwhelming contentment for me but to be with three of them? I was seeing stars... KV is a very humble master, simple, sweet and humorous too if one manage to spend time with him long enough ! But it is true that seeing him and seeing his piece are simply an inadequate feeling.. owning him (the piece) is the ultimate wish and dream come true. Cheers!

Yep, LCDW, I really have to pay some more interest to KV watches

 By: amanico : July 1st, 2008-22:49

You're absolutely right.
I have to confess that I don't know a lot of things about Indepedants, and this is a Pity!
Thanks for your answer.

Pleasure is Mine (",)

 By: LCDW : July 3rd, 2008-19:16

Nicolas , when one is enthusiastic, the passion is out. To like independents is to understand them. I progress from curiosity to interest to like to understand and finally to pursue more learning about it. It is challenging, really. For example the KV with the blue dial has movement with twice the speed of the KV with the sunburst dial (not salmon or orange or brown hee hee). 36000 rpm versus 18000 rpm. He is testing it and planning to enter it into next year competition. I admire him for keeping it up and wanting to improve more than his present achievement. Cheers and thanks for telling me your interest about KV.

Beautiful watches

 By: Geo : June 28th, 2008-00:21
Still love the Trio SOOOOO much!

Some additional casual shots

 By: Jokoh : June 28th, 2008-00:37







Last but not least....The pose

Yes, thanks to Kari, Vianney, Roger and the people from Hour Glass. It was indeed a night to remember ;-)




Looks like a nite to remember..

 By: ChristianDK : June 28th, 2008-02:43

It must have been with such wonderful watches and fine company.

thank you for a great report.

Agree with you on the trio its amazing. I was very surprised once I tried it on, didnt get it beforehand. Incredible piece. Karis stuff is amazing as well. In my eyes I think he is a match for Dufour. I know not everyone agrees. And he is an incredible nice and modest person as well.


kind regards


Note that the Antiqua has remained unchanged for over 10 years

 By: bernard cheong : June 28th, 2008-17:28

And for such a heavily over the horizon watch, not over the top, but way off the GPS system......the design has stood the test of age,

The Antiqia continues to have a wait list, and Vianney has recently designed into the perpetual a new leverage system that will be much easier to service. otherwise, the watch remains untouched.

no need to change...

 By: raphmeister : June 28th, 2008-20:03
what is already perfect as it is smile the design will always be special for those who get it. i expect the wait list to keep on growing which means it'll be more and more difficult for me to acquire one.. sigh..

thanks for chiming in bernard.


Fantastic Post and Coverage, Great fan of these Masters :-) nt

 By: SALMANQ8 : July 1st, 2008-01:25

Thanks for sharing. [nt]

 By: Davo : April 9th, 2009-13:41
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Thanks for the report Raphael. Enjoyable night indeed. [nt]

 By: SJX : June 28th, 2008-03:16
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That is HEAVY artillery....

 By: pplater : June 28th, 2008-04:04

...Singapore is clearly becoming the second spiritual home of the Independents. Thanks for the vicarious thrill Raph.




thanks all and ...

 By: raphmeister : June 28th, 2008-11:09
Nicolas, it was a dream and I awoke without the antiqua on my wrist sad the kari is an amazing piece and i hope you obtain it someday my friend smile

Geo, indeed there were so many beauties there that night...

Joe, nice shots man. i need to lose some weight though smile

Christian, thanks and it was most wonderful indeed. agree with your views.

SJX, a truly great night indeed.

pplater, thanks and it was pretty cool to see so many folks there with watches from independents.


What a great evening

 By: DonCorson : June 28th, 2008-14:17
I agree, that Journe 18K movement is a real KO !

Wow! Great event, and excellent reporting, Raph. Thanks!

 By: Allen : June 28th, 2008-15:45


Wow...Thank you so much

 By: CL : June 28th, 2008-19:23

for the wonderful report and beautiful images.
The Kari 27 is OMG gorgeous, so are his Obsevatoire.
Simply stunning...Wow!!!

you're most welcome...

 By: raphmeister : June 28th, 2008-20:29
John, Allen, Don.

To : Ralph

 By: phil30 : June 29th, 2008-23:54
Sadly no appreciation to the photographer who took that photo of the lovely ladies and you.

uhh... errrmmmm...

 By: raphmeister : June 30th, 2008-06:18
thanks to the guy who helped take the pix of me and the ladies smile i believe james from the hour glass helped me take that shot and i thanked him at the time... but anyways thanks to the dude again... but i may be mistaken as to who the photog was as i was focusing on other things at the time wink


oops phil, was it u ;) thanks mate :) (nt)

 By: raphmeister : July 2nd, 2008-06:26

You did it with the right note!

 By: LCDW : July 3rd, 2008-19:25
Thanks for your post, Raph. It is tasteful and nicely done with the right amount and combi of passion, fun, interest and overall pro approach. Keep it up, man.
Cheers and see you in other event !