Can someone PM the price to me? (nT)

Mar 04, 2010,02:43 AM


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New work from the McGonigles ...

 By: DonCorson : March 3rd, 2010-13:22
"Tuscar": concept for a new timepiece - I just received the following press release from the McGonigle brothers - McGonigle Watches launch the time?only "Tuscar" with a limited edition "One of Ten" series "Tuscar": concept for a new timepiece With the "Tu...  

Glad to get news from the McGonigle bros !

 By: foversta : March 3rd, 2010-13:54
We all know that doing a time only watch is a very difficult task. I'm very happy to have news from them and I can't wait to see more ! Thanks Don ! Fr.Xavier


 By: takashi78 : March 3rd, 2010-18:15
I think its good that they included the price in their Facebook page on this watch. Not to be a prick but i think more independents should at least put a MSRP on their site. I love their previous works and hope to see some live pics of this new one soon.

cant wait

 By: aldossari_faisal : March 3rd, 2010-23:33
cant wait to see first real watch pics, but i didn't get it clearly, the whole watch will be produced in edition of 10 , or its just the first 10 timepieces will be produced will come in special edition. glad to hear news from McGonigle. Thanks Don. Faisa... 

I believe that it is 10 in total [nt]

 By: centrax : March 4th, 2010-01:20
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The intial series will be only 10 pieces.

 By: Tim Jackson : March 4th, 2010-11:18
This is essentially the formula for them to get to develop the movement and then their new watch will be produced in greater numbers later, once this initial series has provided the capital for manufacturing & development costs. It is offered at what I co... 


 By: aldossari_faisal : March 5th, 2010-06:27
thanks for clearing this matter to me mate, hope it wont be long between the 10 produced and the other produced ones in highre numbers. Faisal

Thanks for sharing the news Don!

 By: SJX : March 4th, 2010-06:19
Looking forward to seeing this one. - SJX

Oh I bet u will :) [nt]

 By: cen@jkt : March 4th, 2010-08:39
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