Azur L ‘heure bleue

Mar 22, 2020,19:12 PM

I recently finished this pocket watch commission, Azur.
This is the first all “Made in USA” watch for DW and the first all made in USA watch for many years, Azur is also the worlds first pocket watch to have a Tantalum case.

Azur’s movement was inspired by my late friend, Derek Pratt who used a Pratt truss on some of his pocket watches. My watch exhibits a Walter truss, this shape was sometimes used in the past for wood bridges.
The dia is 61 mm
Thickness 16.30mm
Weight 271 grams

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Very nice work! [nt]

 By: mpg13 : March 22nd, 2020-19:17

Very breguetisc beautiful indeed [nt]

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : March 22nd, 2020-23:52

Great looking watch . Well done [nt]

 By: Watchonthewrist : March 23rd, 2020-00:16

Beautiful! Now convert this in to a 40mm wristwatch and you’re on the right track!

 By: ZSHSZ : March 23rd, 2020-06:56
Congratulations, thank you for posting! Great achievement.

Easier said than done

 By: David Walter : March 23rd, 2020-09:03
however it is in the planning stage

Any time scale for a watch? (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : March 23rd, 2020-11:15

The watch is interesting and looks great, but...

 By: lk : March 23rd, 2020-09:29
Your photographs here and on your website are not doing full justice to your work. I think that raising the quality of your product photography (yourself or by outsourcing) would better show the standard of your horology. Don't let the photos be the weak ... 

Well... yes...

 By: David Walter : March 23rd, 2020-16:02
I agree I took these pics as teases. Normally I would already have professional photos, however good hi-res pics will have to wait until things are calmer


 By: jporos : March 23rd, 2020-09:49
Love all of the bridges.

Interresting three-dimensional lay out

 By: kjell_watchmaker : March 23rd, 2020-12:10
I like it

Very nice and interesting piece Mr Walter

 By: ChristianDK : March 24th, 2020-12:35
Thank you for sharing it here. If you don’t mind, I would be interested to hear about your ideas and challenges with this piece. The case metal seems dark grey. What metal is it? Thank you Christian

The metal is......

 By: David Walter : March 26th, 2020-10:06
Tantalum, which oxides to a blue color, hence the name Azur. Tantalum is very difficult to work with, even worse than platinum, the metal is dense and almost as heavy at Pt, I needs to machined under a constant flow of cutting oil or even a carbide tip wi...