I think of lid of fuel tank on car , moto bike [nt]

Dec 16, 2010,02:57 AM

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Sarpaneva's amazing Moonshine seems to now be officaill launched

 By: alex : December 9th, 2010-02:47
This summer I had gone to pick up the vers first Moonshine Sarpaneva had made, a very audacious watch in the siganture Korona case with Sarpaneva's signature moon face taking center stage. Time being read via a wandering hours disc at the bottom part of t...  

meant to write officially :-) [nt]

 By: alex : December 9th, 2010-02:48
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We figured that

 By: grigo : December 9th, 2010-02:52

Thanks Alex

 By: aldossari_faisal : December 9th, 2010-04:25

wow--an amazing dial..

 By: playtime : December 9th, 2010-06:09

so Unique

 By: Tony A.H : December 9th, 2010-16:35

Sculptural but not for my wrist.

 By: SethRL : December 9th, 2010-19:33
I'll confess that I've been looking at the Moonshine for the past few weeks and considering it, but, over that time, it just hasn't grown on me. I, for one, haven't come to appreciate it beyond a sense of "interesting, original and sculptural but not what... 

But I should add:

 By: SethRL : December 9th, 2010-20:16

the Harvest Moon is also magnificent

 By: amerix : December 10th, 2010-03:52
In fact I decided to put mine on right now. I am sure that you will have no difficulty reading the time off it or becoming distracted by the design - fascinated, yes. Perhaps they are still harvesting in my part of the world - Gr√ľnkohl or green cabbage. T... 

Great name: the "All Moon"

 By: SethRL : December 10th, 2010-06:07