Hublot Big Bang Integral Ceramic - Novelties 2022

Apr 09, 2022,17:03 PM

The Hublot Big Bang Integral Ceramic is not a new model but it was only available in black, white. blue and grey. This year Hublot launched some new colors -- perhaps just in time for the summer -- Blue Indigo, Sky Blue, Beige and Green 

The sky blue is certainly a summer color. The integral ceramic is very comfortable on the wrist and very light. It seems a fashion/trendy color but not sure on how it would feel after owning it long term. 

Indigo blue is perhaps more business -- but probably not as it is a very vivid indigo blue. Of course we are looking at colored versions so the "business" one would probably be the more traditional black or the grey. 

I like this color and seems slightly safer than the sky blue -- what do you think ?

The beige reminds me of the desert IWC watches. It is a very nice color but will it stand the test of time it perhaps more feminine ?

Perhaps the green is the coolest, a nice shade of green. Very unusual and looks amazing in the Ceramic.

What do you think about these new Hublot Big Bang Integral Ceramic and which is your favourite colour ?


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Beige is my fav

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : April 9th, 2022-18:35
The other ones are likely addressed to wealthy summer tourists which look for a colourful toy 🤗

thank you, interesting!!

 By: christianch : April 9th, 2022-19:12
I think I like the indigo blue or the jungle green is also pretty special

I think that are cool, fun pieces and the 42mm wears

 By: christianch : April 9th, 2022-23:54
well not as huge as the square bang

Those are some serious pastels very individual.

 By: rip9er : April 10th, 2022-10:17
But to those individuals who really like that specific color go for it! I love the choices nowadays

love the one in baby blue!

 By: Free Speaker of Time : April 11th, 2022-05:29

I love the new models but prefer the Blue Ceramic that was released last year:

 By: walds11 : April 22nd, 2022-17:24 I tried the Big Bang Integral Titanium at the Bucherer store near me recently. Very nice that wears well on my 6.5” wrist. Titanium is super light, but ceramic is only slightly heavier and scratch resistant. I am trying to resist th...