Wow, that's some information!

Jul 29, 2009,08:49 AM

Excellent post and great coverage.

Thanks for sharing.


Vte smile

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Oris ProDiver Chronograph Launch in Kuala Lumpur

 By: Kong : July 29th, 2009-05:01
Last week 23 July , Swiss Prestige ( a subsidiary of ORIS) invited a group of press members from Singapore to attend the official launch of the ORIS ProDiver Chronograph in Kuala Lumpur. The Press Launch location was unique, a mock-up Oil Platform at Petr...  

A Visit to the ORIS Boutique

 By: Kong : July 29th, 2009-05:07
24 July 1pm , A visit to the ORIS Boutique at the Lot 10 Shopping Mall ... The frontal of the Boutique There are two service centres in Kuala Lumpur, One in the Boutique and the other is at the ORIS offi.. A watchmaker just stepped out of his room ... One...  

Wow, that's some information!

 By: VMM : July 29th, 2009-08:49
Excellent post and great coverage. Thanks for sharing. Vte

Thanks Vte ...

 By: Kong : July 29th, 2009-11:20
for reading and the kind words. Have you seen this watch over your area? Kong

Hi Kong.

 By: VMM : July 29th, 2009-13:31
You're welcome. Yes, I saw it a couple of months ago and what I really liked was the bezel blocking system. I found it easy to use and liked the "feel", everything was so smooth. Fair price also. Not my kind of watch (size issue) but as I said, I liked it... 

very enlightening Kong, thanks

 By: G99 : July 29th, 2009-14:36
it was very good to see a cross section of the cases. it shows thicky's like me what it takes to make a watch 1000m water resistant. at 51mm it does seem a bit big even for someone like me with large wrists, but as a true divers tool the big size must wor... 

Case construction.

 By: BDLJ : July 29th, 2009-18:18
While it's interesting to see the construction of the case, it's all massive overkill. You do not need such a constuction structure to meet 1000m. Nor does the 51mm help, not when the dial stays at such a small diameter. The main problem I have with this ... 

Ben, please dont pick on...

 By: G99 : July 30th, 2009-01:36
Ben, please dont pick on me. you never call, you never write, yada yada yada :) yours sulkingly Graham

Thanks BDLJ, you got me curious ...

 By: Kong : July 30th, 2009-03:07
about the joint development with the German Technical Center for Shipsand Naval Weapons (WTD 71) and the Scottish Underwater Centre (Fort William) beside the offshore diver, Roman Frischknecht. I'm interested to find out if the case construction is requir... 

What did they contribute?

 By: BDLJ : July 30th, 2009-16:40
Unless Oris actually state what SUC, Frischknecht, WTD 71 actually contributed, I will take it with a grain of salt. It's not just in the watch world that brands send their goods for testing at some prestigious facility (instead of the local approved test... 

Thanks BDLJ for the detailed inputs!

 By: Kong : July 30th, 2009-21:24
Yes, if referencing with the construction of the G-Shock, I get your point now. I will ask for some details and hopefully ORIS would response. Thanks. Kong

Thanks a lot Kong for the news !

 By: foversta : August 1st, 2009-01:17
It seemed to be a great event ! Fr.Xavier