Why full service ADs are indispensable...

Nov 14, 2017,08:59 AM

... today one of my favourite watches just went plain dead, everything I did failed to put the balance back into life. I‘m sure most of you have experienced something like that and the horrible feeling going along with it 😢

My first thought was that sending it to the manufacturer will mean at least one or two weeks to get a first diagnostic feedback, possibly followed by some 3-6 months for a full service. Not the most pleasant thought, I must admit.

So I visited a large AD in town, and even though they do not have the brand in their line up, a very kind and skillful watchmaker helped with first aid and got the watch back to life 🤗

So two other thoughts crossed my mind...

...first a heartfelt thank you for the excellent and courteous service by Wempe. Not for the first time they impressed with knowledge and a lot of empathy for a heartbroken owner 👍

... second what a shame it would be if we would have to rely on modern times type of distribution and service patterns. I have just read that Hodinkee now becomes a retailer, since quite some years a lot of brands try owning the distribution, may it be through sales only boutiques or even online. I personally know that I prefer having a knowledgeable partner locally, and I will for sure continue to support them as a customer. 


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You are absolutely right.

 By: Padj : November 14th, 2017-09:10
If ADs go the way of horse-drawn carriages we all will suffer for it. The service you just described is only one of the things we lose. Knowledgeable conversation about a piece; the ability to compare a type of watch across brands; a friendly place to han... 

Wempe...Good People

 By: U3O8 : November 14th, 2017-09:12
I have stopped in numerous times for adjustments and other minor requests. I even had two batteries replaced for my kids watches. And they have never once charged me for anything. I even had an espresso and some Lindt chocolate while I waited. It's the at...