What is your Best Watch of NBA Players?

Sep 20, 2022,10:37 AM

Which watch that NBA Players launched with the luxury watch brands impresses you the most? 

For me, it should be the Classic Funsion Kobe Bryant HeroVillain. This is the last watch Kobe Bryant worked with Hublot. I think no one would forget the effort and dedication of Kobe, he is one of the greatest basketball players of all time..

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 By: caarl_watcher : September 20th, 2022-11:04
I think Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph LeBron James, the one Audemars Piguet worked with LeBron James, is classic! ...  

 By: Louise919 : September 21st, 2022-05:31
I remember the LeBron’s signature printed on the sapphire crystal display back, seems so worth and meaningful!

Bubba Watson...Richard Mille

 By: MikiJ : September 20th, 2022-12:14
His over the top White version that he wears while he playing in a tournament.

There can be no debate on this question. Even my buddy Art will agree.

 By: MichaelC : September 20th, 2022-12:53
Everything else is playing for 2nd place ;-) ...  

My IWC BP Platinum Jordan :)

 By: nacelle : September 20th, 2022-20:21

 By: PP Whale : September 22nd, 2022-04:26
Lamelo has worn the new launch watch Rare Ones Mechanical Watch, seems easy to mix and match with the #OOTD. ...  

 By: W. York : September 22nd, 2022-10:06
Agree! I thought this is easy to match and personalize too, each component has more than ten colors to choose. ...  

 By: Free Speaker of Time : September 22nd, 2022-09:17
Kobe is my favorite NBA player.

 By: odellthelord : September 23rd, 2022-05:30
Another collection for Kobe Bryant is great too, King Power Black Mamba. It is the first watch that cooperated with Hublot. This watch is packed full of Kobe-specific details. ...  

 By: Cocott : September 23rd, 2022-10:19
Yes, we miss Kobe so much..