Thanks for the action shots. Very cool. nt

Dec 08, 2011,16:03 PM

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The WatchBand breakup ...

 By: AndrewD : December 7th, 2011-15:52
Don’t worry, nothing permanent, just our Christmas breakup to cap off a great year of get-togethers. We were honoured to welcome two interstate visitors who flew in especially for the occasion. And while ‘wine flights’ are all the rage these days to accom...  


 By: AndrewD : December 7th, 2011-16:00
We enjoyed a private upstairs room at Scopri, an Italian restaurant focusing on regional Italian cuisine which sources both fresh local produce and imported ingredients that are unique to Italy. The food is honest and the attention to culinary detail was ...  

wow--Mount Mary! [nt]

 By: playtime : December 11th, 2011-17:50
No message body

Quite a night.

 By: grumio : December 7th, 2011-16:30
First, thanks to everyone who came along for making it such an enjoyable evening, with special thanks to our interstate visitors. Fine food, wine and company, and some very fine watches indeed. So many watches that in fact I'm just realising now looking t... 

Haha no pressure..

 By: Tom the Tinkerer : December 7th, 2011-16:40
Big thanks to AndrewG for the organization, this will be a hard gathering to beat, with special guests, special watches, good food.. It's good to know there's no pressure ;-) though being next to that group of watches is definitely quite a spectacular fea... 

Tom, i'd really like to know more about your own made pieces

 By: G99 : December 9th, 2011-04:51
i have huge respect for someone who can make their own watch. i've loved every piece that Don Corson has made and yours look like they could be as interesting so feel free to pm me details. best Graham

More pictures

 By: dreamer8 : December 7th, 2011-16:53
Great night indeed. Cheers, dreamer Sublime Patek 2526 Goldpfeil back Dufour Simplicity back size comparison FPJ Resonance back This message has been edited by dreamer8 on 2011-12-07 16:54:51...  

Had a really great time guys. Visitors from Sydney and Perth. Great to meet

 By: : December 7th, 2011-19:30
new faces and see some amazing pieces. Food was good and wine was exceptional Thanks to all Julian

Et tu

 By: aptronym : December 8th, 2011-05:23
Good to meet!

Congrats Brothers and Sisters!

 By: sidneyc : December 7th, 2011-19:27
Not to the break-up hehe (Andrew you're good at picking titles, I clicked into this immediately after a mild heart flutter when reading the title!)!! But to what you guys have achieved in 2012!! All these wonderful gatherings shared with us through Andrew... 


 By: aptronym : December 8th, 2011-05:24 guessed :P

Pleased I got your attention ...

 By: AndrewD : December 8th, 2011-15:58
Now you will have to join us for one of the 2012 GTG's. Regards, Andrew

Thanks! Would love to!!!

 By: sidneyc : December 11th, 2011-17:02
Whenever I get a chance to head down south, you'll be the first to know!!

That took some....

 By: BDLJ : December 7th, 2011-19:46
...compiling , Andrew. Nice work. And thanks to Grumio for organising the event.

Nice line up.

 By: grigo : December 7th, 2011-22:45

Fantastic gathering....who is the brave soul that is learning engraving?

 By: Hororgasm : December 7th, 2011-23:15
Is it the individual that made those watches with the omega movements? Best, Horo

That's right ...

 By: AndrewD : December 8th, 2011-16:02
... Tom the Tinkerer. The Omega movement is just temporary and Tom is working on his own (literally) in-house movement. And teaching himself all the skills required to realize his vision. It's a very impressive project. More to come, I'm sure. A

A few more shots

 By: grumio : December 8th, 2011-02:04
Assembling the table shot. Exploring a movement. A pair of Journes....  

Worth flying down for?

 By: aptronym : December 8th, 2011-05:21
You bet! Many thanks, WatchBandians, for inviting me to be an interstate interloper. It was a fun evening full of faces familiar and new. I realise, looking at AndrewD's photos, that I too somehow missed seeing one or two certain very beautiful vintage pi... 

Thanks for making the extra trip down.

 By: AndrewD : December 8th, 2011-16:06
Always great to catch up. A

This was the worst part ...

 By: AndrewD : December 8th, 2011-14:55
Three hours sleep and my espresso machine is off being upgraded and temperature mapped. No morning coffee! The stuff of nightmares. A...  

A great way to wrap up the year.

 By: theobold : December 8th, 2011-16:24
Thanks to grumio for the legwork, and everyone else for the pleasant company and vaguely interesting watches. See you next year.

What a delight!!...

 By: pplater : December 9th, 2011-00:17
What you guys lack in 'quantity' (was it an early dinner or a late lunch? ) you sure make up for with quality! It was a treat, and an honour: thank you very much to all MWBians, and particularly A1, A2 and A3; to the organisers and to 'AP with the AP'. Th... 

A delight indeed...

 By: aptronym : December 9th, 2011-01:54
...(an extended lunch I think, but then again I could be wrong, these Melbournians may just be messing with my poor head) and an evening which I hope will be the first of many. Hehe. That was arguably the greatest horological surprise of the evening, that... 

Make that two?..

 By: : December 9th, 2011-02:45


 By: aptronym : December 9th, 2011-15:09
...should I let pplater take this query?

A delight and pleasure to meet you Pplater

 By: dreamer8 : December 9th, 2011-02:07
I especially enjoyed the post 12 am. repartee you had with that poor waiter who had to "summon" his boss to take over. Entertainment par excellence . May I ask what else did you reveal to AP on the way home in the taxi LOL. Cheers,dreamer wasn't so much what was revealed...

 By: aptronym : December 9th, 2011-15:09 what was 'discovered' by pplater.

Taxi driver wearing a Voutilainen ? [nt]

 By: dreamer8 : December 10th, 2011-00:38
No message body

Intriguing. Tell us more?

 By: : December 9th, 2011-02:44
Sounds like the best part of the evening was in the morning ! Julian

Make that three.

 By: grumio : December 9th, 2011-03:50
Nice to meet you pplater - great to talk watches, and thanks for the suggestion about the reverso engraving. I hope you can join us again some day. I must say though I'm really struggling to think what possible further horological surprises you could have... 


 By: aptronym : December 9th, 2011-15:11
....the horological surprise wasn't pulled out by him so much as teased out by him from an unexpected third party...

lovely watches, but i think my favourite was the Tissot 24 hr

 By: G99 : December 9th, 2011-04:57
the tudor snowflake is also a great looker and another one i wish i'd kept. not the same one, just the same model. looked like a great night with good company which is all you need to make a gtg special. G

A great way to end the year

 By: Ubik : December 9th, 2011-06:34
Hope to follow in your footsteps. I always think your GTG's have a so many unique pieces, there's an impressive depth of different brands, styles and ages on the table.

Great session! We're having ours at New Year Eve & ...

 By: mell0822 : December 10th, 2011-02:10
We're very pleased to have a special guest to join us for our last event for the year. Perhaps a post is in order after the session.