Some vintage pairs around the Breitling Superocean Ref 1004.

Apr 27, 2020,09:58 AM

Let's start with another Breitling Superocean 1004: 

Then, with the Superocean Chronograph Ref 807: 

Then with its natural competitor, the Jaeger Lecoultre Deep Sea Alarm ref E 857: 

Here, the Royal Canadian Air Force which I am lucky to own: 

And while we are at it, the Royal Canadial Air Force and the Hamilton Royal Air Force: 

It is always good to see your treasures side by side... It helps you to enjoy them even more! 



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You're welcome!

 By: kkochheiser : April 27th, 2020-10:22
Likely the only chance I'll have to see some of those beauties.

Some amazing pieces there ...

 By: keks : April 27th, 2020-10:19
Thanks for sharing. Absolute joy to see

True inspiration 🙌

 By: saintseiyaikki : April 27th, 2020-11:00
I might have started collecting dive watches because of reading similar post 🤣 Still a long way for me to go though ...  

They are all awesome [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : April 27th, 2020-11:43

Thanks, G.M. [nt]

 By: amanico : April 27th, 2020-11:49

Fantastic line up, my friend!!

 By: Watcholic_id : April 27th, 2020-20:55
a real eye candy, especially during this time thanks for sharing those pics. cheers

And The Patina Award Goes To...

 By: elliot55 : April 27th, 2020-21:52
... The Super Ocean on metal bracelet.