One from Germany

Jun 29, 2020,02:38 AM

I have never owned Junghans before and when one store was having great discount on this brand I decided it's time for me to get one. I selected the Meister Driver Date-Day with stainless steel bracelet. The dial is simple, with Day beneath 12 or 60 in this case, date above 6 or 30, selected one with minutes numerals instead of the traditional 1 to 12. I was not too keen on plexiglass but according to the brochure, a special coating applied to minimize scratching, still I need to take care when wearing this watch. There are many models and the famous one being Max Bill but these were not on heavy discount, one Junghans for my collection anyway.

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Congrats to your new aquisition. I hope you'll have as much fun wearing it as I have with my ones!

 By: Andimann : June 29th, 2020-05:07
Junghans is one of my favourite brands and that's the reason why two of them (Bauhaus and 70's-Design) want to say hello! ...  

Very unique looking, I like it

 By: Thomas_3 : June 29th, 2020-06:36
What brand would you say they are comparable to in terms of quality and workmanship?

Also bought one out of curiosity

 By: penang1974 : June 29th, 2020-07:08
and I’m a satisfied owner.

Wonderful Junghans Driver...

 By: jporos : June 29th, 2020-10:41
here is mine. ...  

Looks good ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 29th, 2020-12:11
I like the red date window. Great design.