Of course! [nt]

Jul 21, 2020,14:55 PM

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Mido Ocean Star Decompression...and the original 5907

 By: subregister : July 16th, 2020-11:40
With the recent release of the Mido Ocean Star Decompression Timer 1961 Limited Edition, it seems a reasonable time to take a closer look at its inspiration, the original Mido Ocean Star 5907 Powerwind Diver. The deep dive (insert joke) I've worked on at ...  

Pre-orders today.... [nt]

 By: subregister : July 17th, 2020-08:46

Correct yes

 By: subregister : July 16th, 2020-14:42
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Certainly - attached!

 By: subregister : July 17th, 2020-08:39

Thank you! [nt]

 By: amanico : July 17th, 2020-15:26

Wristshot from a Hodinkee review:

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : July 17th, 2020-08:39
www.hodinkee.com ...  

Aaah, I much prefer the original...

 By: amanico : July 17th, 2020-15:25

Earliest date?

 By: subregister : July 17th, 2020-08:53
@amanico have you seen any documentation on the first dates of release of the original 5907? I had thought it was the late 50s, but the name of the new LE tells us 1961. I just have never seen ads from when the 5907 was first released. I have see one ad s... 

Of course! [nt]

 By: amanico : July 21st, 2020-14:55