Hard to say...

Mar 25, 2023,19:00 PM

If you're in Geneva for the GPHG awards or the big auctions, the Only Watch Auction is definitely worth attending. I would say, 2021 was an extremely unusual year... You had people whom had come into tremendous wealth due to the pandemic, you also had the mentality that you only live once and that you could die from a horrible virus at any moment, and you also had the knowledge that money wasn't worth anything at the time. So 2021 was an exciting year. I can't forecast it to be continuously that good every year. If you have an interest, I highly suggest you go and attend, but attend without too high of an expectation. Also, the Dubai Watch Week is another event I highly recommend - that one is worth flying out for. You get up close with industry leaders at Dubai Watch Week thanks to their booth/conference center arrangement. And the event is geared towards watch collector clients - it's not a trade show event that's geared towards industry personnel for jewelry store owners/buyers and journalists. See also the post I made above responding to Jleno - the event definitely has a large amount of people crammed into a large room. All the attendees are wealthy and privileged; that being said, some guests behave well and sometimes larger groups generally behave noisily. Personal security is generally not allowed and have to wait outside. It's certainly a prestigious event. If you decide to come, try to get into GPHG (call brands you're a big client of and ask if they can help you get a ticket) and line up some visits with some watchmakers. I'm not sure if I recommend you to fly out for the auction alone that you'll think it's a good use of your time - I see some risk on that one. Dubai Watch Week is definitely worth considering to fly out for though.

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Anyone ever buy an OnlyWatch?

 By: m2 : March 25th, 2023-03:21
Well? Seems like a great way to get a unique piece + support an awesome cause.

I'd love to try attending the auction in person and bidding on something in the future!

 By: jleno : March 25th, 2023-04:00
However, I'm discouraged by the increasing amount of competition. Compare the 2021 auction results with 2019...

Yeah was just looking at 17, 19, and 21.

 By: m2 : March 25th, 2023-04:13
I’m guessing prices drop from 21 like everything else has.

Perhaps things cool down a little this year but I'm not getting my hopes up.

 By: jleno : March 25th, 2023-04:25
The watch market is still very hot, and the independents/microbrands are far more desirable these days than they used to be. A great thing for the charity of course though

With these auctions, it’s not really possible to get a „bargain“ (at least compared to general prices at time of auctioning). There will most likely always be someone willing to spend more than you do.

 By: nafetS : March 25th, 2023-09:02
The prices are not just driven by value, but also by prestige and maybe other factors. Prices in 2019 or 2017 also exceeded the limit i would‘ve given myself at that time, compared to general market prices. They just seem to be a bargain by today‘s standa... 

I suppose everyone's definition of "bargain" is different.

 By: patrick_y : March 25th, 2023-16:27
But I would say in past years, there have been good values or bargains. 2021 was not one of those years. But I would say 2019 and years prior, you'd find some bargains. They weren't GREAT bargains. But they were fair prices at the time. You weren't paying... 

I was bidding in 2021, that year, things were crazy. But buy the watch because you really like it - not to own a one-of-a-kind...

 By: patrick_y : March 25th, 2023-16:20
Money was no longer valuable in 2021, and people were spending it like it was going out of style. Plus, everyone wasn't certain they'd live much longer. I was also surrounded by even more active bidders to my right, front, and back - all of whom were much... 

It was fun. I left while the auction was still ongoing.

 By: patrick_y : March 25th, 2023-18:44
His Serene Highness gave a nice opening announcement. Luc, the founder of Only Watch, is always a wonderful fella to talk to. I spoke with him a little more at Dubai Watch Week later that month in November 2021. You have a lot of very important people in ... 

Sounds like a great time :)

 By: jleno : March 25th, 2023-23:56
In a few more years, perhaps I might take a shot myself!

Hard to say...

 By: patrick_y : March 25th, 2023-19:00
If you're in Geneva for the GPHG awards or the big auctions, the Only Watch Auction is definitely worth attending. I would say, 2021 was an extremely unusual year... You had people whom had come into tremendous wealth due to the pandemic, you also had the... 


 By: m2 : March 26th, 2023-03:40
Thanks for the color. I think I'll eventually go the auction because it's easy to time with a Europe trip. Don't have much of a reason to go to Dubai

Well. I highly recommend the Dubai Watch Week.

 By: patrick_y : March 26th, 2023-04:56
If you're going to make a special trip, DWW is WORTH IT! I flew out there from USA. In COACH. In November 2021! Pandemic time! And at that time, my itinerary took 3 flight segments to get there and 2 or 3 to get back. I stayed in an awful hotel (five star... 

I tried to get the 5712 in Ti,but

 By: MilDiver : March 25th, 2023-08:39
someone outbid me.... and then many others...