Good morning

Sep 17, 2023,17:58 PM

Enjoy the las weekend day.

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 By: VintageAlex (aka AlexKontiki) : September 17th, 2023-18:06

Caramba, amigo! Estupendo!

 By: amanico : September 17th, 2023-18:01


 By: VintageAlex (aka AlexKontiki) : September 17th, 2023-18:06
It’s great.

Gorgeous Longines!!!

 By: KCLQMULKU : September 17th, 2023-18:23

Many thanks

 By: VintageAlex (aka AlexKontiki) : September 17th, 2023-18:26

Awesome watch!

 By: patrick_y : September 17th, 2023-21:14

Thank you, it is beautiful indeed

 By: VintageAlex (aka AlexKontiki) : September 18th, 2023-05:18

Yes, it’s great without date

 By: VintageAlex (aka AlexKontiki) : September 19th, 2023-15:19


 By: patrick_y : September 19th, 2023-16:23
Although I even like the one with the date!

Well I like it too, in fact…

 By: VintageAlex (aka AlexKontiki) : September 22nd, 2023-15:52


 By: patrick_y : September 22nd, 2023-18:32
Such a nice watch! I was thinking of getting one - since I'm a scuba diver. But then I thought I've got a Panerai somewhere (I don't use it that often) and I have way too many watches already!

That’s our problem…

 By: VintageAlex (aka AlexKontiki) : September 25th, 2023-14:59
A lot of watches. Jajaja

Coming out of our ears!

 By: patrick_y : September 25th, 2023-17:16