Bexei Update

Jan 21, 2023,21:51 PM

Dear friends,

Thanks for all your comments as a result of which I asked Aaron to make a few new renderings.
The basic concept was really good but, after thinking about many of your suggestions, I asked him to refine what we had by making the new versions less complex: all numerals or all diamond markers.
The rest of the movement will come soon.
If you have the time and inclination I would appreciate your comments.
Thanks for reading

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All of them looks great !

 By: borisundercover : January 21st, 2023-22:41
I’d go for the third one because of the contrast of the black dial with the hours aperture, and the way the numerals take the space of this aperture.

I agree

 By: ant : January 22nd, 2023-08:13
but have to make a decision....eek! Regards Antony

Regardless the one you choose it’s gonna be a truly special timepiece !

 By: borisundercover : January 22nd, 2023-15:59
So congratulations in advance, and please keep us updated !

I really love how you build your collection.

 By: TheMadDruid : January 21st, 2023-23:59
Working with watchmakers who do it all by themselves. This, whichever version, is going to be a great addition to your fantastic collection. Oh yeah, hi.

Thank you, it is an honour

 By: ant : January 22nd, 2023-08:15
to work with an artist like Aaron. I hope that everything a copacetic with you. Kind regards Antony

They all look superb.

 By: amanico : January 22nd, 2023-00:22

A difficult choice!

 By: ant : January 22nd, 2023-08:16

Of course, you're right

 By: ant : January 22nd, 2023-11:34
but you know (or maybe not) what obsession is like. It's like a ratchet, after each step you can't go back, only onwards. Hopefully for the better! Kind regards Antony

Excellently said.

 By: amanico : January 22nd, 2023-16:03

All nice...

 By: Kurt Behm : January 22nd, 2023-03:29
but I like picture #2 (middle) the best.

Thanks for your opinion.

 By: ant : January 22nd, 2023-08:17
Regards Antony

Take the first, Ant!

 By: Speedie74 aka Mr. Torquise : January 22nd, 2023-09:13
There is no need to get numerals, only indices with or without diamonds… Contrast and legibility is also the best by the first version! Yours, Adam


 By: andrea~ : January 22nd, 2023-10:21


 By: ant : January 22nd, 2023-11:36

I must say that

 By: ant : January 22nd, 2023-11:36
the more I look at them the more I am leaning towards your viewpoint. Kind regards, Antony

3 6 9 12

 By: Lunar fan : January 22nd, 2023-13:31
Really nice work -- I also like #3 with the dark dial; I'd be curious to see how it looks with numerals only at the compass points (3 6 9 12) with the triangular markers at the other hour markers. And for giggles, curious how this design might look with R... 

Here you go!

 By: ant : January 22nd, 2023-14:17

Super. And thanks for engaging and sharing this journey with us.

 By: Jay (Eire) : January 22nd, 2023-15:37
I have a question, what am I seeing between 7 and 8? And is there any way to relocate whatever that is, perhaps underneath the 6 position where visually it would be less obvious. It could be just the angle of the renderings but on the first iterations and...