how to change email-adress in my profile

Nov 14, 2020,05:12 AM

the email-adress in my profile doesn't existe since some years

i can log in by using this adress, but can not change it - only ad another

now i made a post in collector market and there will be sent a message
to may email - but this will not reach me ofcourse, because not existing

like to change the email generelly in my account

thanks for help


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How I changed my email address...

 By: cshimokita : November 15th, 2020-13:38
in the PC / browser mode click on the icon person in the upper right select "My Account" 01) select "Alt Email" 02) add a second email address 03) make the second email address the primary address 04) delete the original email address I don't use the mobi...  


 By: only5402 : November 15th, 2020-22:39
i can add a second email adress, but can not make this new adress the primary adress and also can not delete the original email adress tried to reach someone about the contact-button regards Stephan

Ok, I will check further...

 By: cshimokita : November 15th, 2020-23:14
I just sent you a PM. Did you receive a notification message in your alternative email account? Casey