How do you insure a watch shipment as an individual

Oct 25, 2018,10:39 AM

I am in UK and selling some of my watches.

As I am a private collector - it seems in UK almost impossible to get insurance. 
Fedex / UPS / DHL ... all decline to insure. 

ParcelPro which seems the most mentioned in forums - seem to be offlimits for private individuals.

I only found a French company called Secursus - willing to insure the package - sort of outside the shipping company.

1) Has anyone tried Secursus?
2) Are there other options in UK? Surely I am not the only UK private individual with this issue? 

Your help is very much appreciated!

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Parcelpro would have been what comes to mind.

 By: Bill : November 7th, 2018-06:57
There are not many doing it because there is no way to verify what is being sent. I will have a look around. Bill