I love the multiple layers on this HW in WG

Jul 02, 2017,04:45 AM

One of my favourites!!

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Was drawn to this piece when I saw it too....

 By: traineract : July 2nd, 2017-07:06
But question remains, is HW considered a good brand for timepieces apart from their opus series?

Thank You gentlemen! [nt]

 By: dhirengopal2 : July 2nd, 2017-23:11

I hope this answers both Alkiro and Traineract

 By: dhirengopal2 : July 2nd, 2017-23:23
I bought this piece 4-5 years ago,it was a very emotionally moment for me when I saw this piece on one of my trips abroad. My dad who passed away in 2000 used to wear the Omega Geneve which he bought in the mid to late 70's I grew up seeing him proudly we...  

Touching story

 By: traineract : July 7th, 2017-11:19
There is some resemblance between the 2 watches. Sometimes the feeling is most important for a watch

Love it,

 By: Adamska : July 2nd, 2017-18:08
nicest HW in my opinion! Cheers, Filip