One more vintage GP to the collection.

Apr 30, 2014,05:57 AM

My second vintage GP arrived a week ago, I haven't taken it off much since, I am not too familiar with this model however the information I have found says it is a type 20. The movement is a Valjoux 720 with flyback function dating from around the 1960s.
I am very happy with the deep diver now too, I have fixed the movement and have found a more appropriate tropic strap for it.
Does anyone have more information on the type 20 please? Is it in fact know as the type 20?
Thanks Michael.

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Excellent pair!

 By: amanico : April 30th, 2014-07:27
Yes, it is the Type XX from GP with its oversized minute counter and the flyback function. Here is another one I was Lucky to be able to take in picture: I love a lot your Deep Diver, too. Nice collection you have here! Best, Nicolas ...  

Another beauty in your collection! :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : April 30th, 2014-10:28
Huge congrats Michael! That is stunning and quite rare watch. Not many GP Type XX around... Best Blomman

Thank you

 By: michael e : April 30th, 2014-13:35
Thank you for the nice comments and information . I feel very lucky to have found these two beauties, right place at the right time I guess. Thanks Michael

Right place at the right time....

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 1st, 2014-09:59
That is key elements when it comes to vintage watch collecting! :) And when you feel it is the right time to share more of this pair - you know which place is the right one! ;) Best Blomman

Both are stunning. Like the type XX a lot. nt

 By: terenceho : April 30th, 2014-20:06
Wear in good health

v. nice catch

 By: ztirual : May 2nd, 2014-09:01
that TypeXX. Fly back Valjoux cal. 720 is in itself a rarity and very little is available on this very rare watch. This is nr 4 that I now know of as I try to keep track of all of those that have surfaced on the net. Unfortunately, but not very surprising... 

Both beautiful Michael, congratulations......

 By: Sandgroper : May 3rd, 2014-02:13
Not been an expert I cannot say if your splendid chronograph is a Type 20 but it surely does have a very strong "air de famille" with the Breguet Type XX Aeronavale. Cheers Francois from Down Under