Laureato 8010 …

Jul 09, 2024,07:21 AM

Some of my darlings …

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Superb photos.

 By: amanico : July 9th, 2024-07:31

Thanks Nico 🤝

 By: SingaporeMarc : July 10th, 2024-13:28
Some props sure adds some flavor …


 By: Aquaracer1 : July 9th, 2024-11:32

🤝 these are the grandfather

 By: SingaporeMarc : July 10th, 2024-13:34
To your 38 mm laureato ☺️

Thanks Salman 🤝💯

 By: SingaporeMarc : July 10th, 2024-13:33
Life is short … something different from the full steel usual.

I am a fan of two tone

 By: SALMANPK : July 10th, 2024-20:21
Makes me feel like Robert De Niro from Casino hahaha Source: google images S ...  

😄 totally

 By: SingaporeMarc : July 11th, 2024-07:20

All very good looking.

 By: jlux : July 9th, 2024-12:10
I like the two-tone models!

Me too. I’m usually a steel kinda guy

 By: SingaporeMarc : July 10th, 2024-13:31
So three out of the four are two-tone. 🤝

Champagne dial two tone for me!

 By: MichaelC : July 9th, 2024-15:41
The case looks like tantalum in the photos? Thanks for sharing them, Marc.

Nice choice Mike

 By: SingaporeMarc : July 10th, 2024-13:27
It’s the rarest of the lot. 🤝

Steel and pink gold

 By: SingaporeMarc : July 10th, 2024-13:31

Beautiful collection!

 By: TeutonicCarFan : July 9th, 2024-19:03

Thanks T🤝

 By: SingaporeMarc : July 10th, 2024-13:27

Agree bro 🤝

 By: SingaporeMarc : July 10th, 2024-13:29
Has that over the top… I’m about to get into my Lambo with my 20 year younger girlfriend look. ☺️

I like that one too

 By: cazalea : July 11th, 2024-13:36
Despite having neither a Lamborghini or young girlfriend

That’s the great things about watches …

 By: SingaporeMarc : July 11th, 2024-14:54
… we get to pretend a little everyday when we put it on. ☺️ 🤝


 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : July 11th, 2024-17:16

Thanks G 🤝

 By: SingaporeMarc : July 10th, 2024-13:26