GP?s "secret" and last Ferrari editions, Laureato F40 / Richeville 250GTO

Jul 17, 2005,02:02 AM

Dear GP fans,

a little more input on the two limited editions, for sure the last "Pour Ferrari" pieces to be made and most probably a slightly "problematic" series.

For our coverage on the two previous editions, please check here: The 2004 limited editions, as of December 2004

For earlier discussion, including pictures, please check this earlier thread.

First of all, there are no "official" pictures and these limited editions will not be publically advertised in the various media.
The "secretive" approach may be apparent from a side note:

    In the contect of GP?s partnership agreement with Ferrari ending, GP does no longer advertise Ferrari labeled products since December 31st, 2004.
    No communication is planned for the introduction of these two series.

The "F40"

The car

The F40, which was designed to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Ferrari, was a car with a mission : in 1987 Enzo Ferrari was in his 90th year, and celebrating his 40th anniversary as a car-maker. He knew this would be one of his last major milestones and planned to propose the king of road cars ; at the time it was introduced, it was the fastest road car ever built, the first to better 200mph.

The F40 aggressive design is a development derivating from the 288 GTO. Whereas the GTO's looks are understated, the F40's curvaceous body and huge rear wing just scream performance.

The F40 uses a V8. Like the manufacturer's contemporary Formula 1 engines, the V8 is fitted with two turbochargers and intercoolers. The three liter engine was rated at 478 bhp, which was well within the chassis' 600 - 650 bhp limit.

The watch

The Laureato F40 is proposed as a limited edition of 500 pieces in steel and 40 pieces in pink gold.
The steel version is available with two dial versions (with Ferrari crest / without Ferrari crest).
The pink gold version is only proposed with one dial (without Ferrari crest).

The Laureato F40 is the first Laureato Evo3 in steel with a rubber strap.
It features a fly-back movement with a central chronograph minute hand.

The watch will be delivered with a dedicated Ferrari red lacquered gift box with Ferrari crest and a dedicated leaflet.

    limited edition
    500 pieces in steel (N/500)
    40 pieces in pink gold (N/40)

    GP 033C0, 13 ligne automatic movement (GP 3300 base with Dubois-Depraz chronograph module)
    28.800 vibr./h (4hz.)
    52 jewels
    45 hours of power reserve
    Flyback chronograph with central
    minute hand/ 24h indicator
    case: Steel or pink gold, 44mm diameter
    Sapphire crystal on front, solid back
    100m water resistant
    back fastened with 6 screws
    back with F40 profile engraving

    logo dial
    80190-11-651-FK6B* (short strap)

    non-logo dial
    80190-11-652-FK6B* (short strap)

    Pour Ferrari ? Laureato F40
    Steel : 500 pieces (both variants combined)

    Retail price : region of 11?900 CHF

    rose gold, non-logo dial only
    80190-52-653-FK6B* (short strap)

    Pour Ferrari ? Laureato F40
    Pink gold: 40 pieces

    Retail price : region of 25?000 CHF

The "250GTO"

The car

The 250 GTO, which is widely considered to be the essential Ferrari model and among the greatest cars ever made.

The Gran Turismo Omologato (Italian for "Grand Touring Homologated) was designed in the early sixties by Gestione Sportiva?s Giotto Bizzarrini to compete in GT racing. It is an evolution of the 250 GT SWB and was the last berlinetta Ferrari with front engine designed for racing : as such it can be viewed as the ultimate expression of the Maranello car manufacture in the field of classic ?gran turismo?.
Part of the lure of the 250 GTO is its exclusivity.
In 1962-63, 33 cars were completed of which 32 featured the basic Comp/62 design. In the 1963 24 Hours of Le Mans race, Luigi Chinetti?s North American Racing Team (NART) entered a 250 GTO fitted with a special body known as 250 GTO LMB.
For the 1964 season a new 250 GTO specification was developed to race in GT class and 3 additional GTO were assembled bringing the total production to 36. Last, 4 customers returned their GTO to the factory to have them re-bodied in the 1964 specification.
So today, there are 28 chassis fitted with the Comp/62 body, one GTO LMB, and 7 with a 1964 body.

The watch

The Richeville 250 GTO is proposed as limited editions of :
- 1 piece in white gold and 1 piece in pink gold for the 250 GTO LMB
- 28 pieces in pink gold and 28 pieces in white gold for the 250 GTO
- 7 pieces in pink gold and 7 pieces in white gold for the 250 GTO ?64

The watch will be delivered with a dedicated Ferrari red lacquered Haute Horlogerie self-winding box with a engraved plate and a dedicated leaflet.

The dial and look:
Since there?s no official picture for public use, let me describe the look.
The "250GTB" is a close cousin of the "275GTB", which was introduced in late 2004. Thus it comes with a black dial, broad white hands and luminous hour numerals. The hands for chronograph functions are red, whereas the calendar functions are indicated with white hands.
This model makes use of GP?s chronograph and perpetual calendar module, which is the same as "Tribute to Enzo Ferrari", "Vintage45 Chronograph Perpetual" and the newly introduced "Laureato Perpetual". The functionality thus is the identical, as is the layout and arrangement of the subdials.

    limited edition
    28x2 pieces for the 250 GTO
    7x2 pieces for the 250 GTO 64
    1x2 pieces for the 250 GTO LMB

    GP 3170, 13 ligne automatic movement (GP base)
    28.800 vibr./h (4hz.)
    44 jewels
    45 hours of power reserve
    Chronograph with perpetual calendar
    case: white gold, 37x37x13.37mm*
    Sapphire crystal
    solid back, 250GTO or 250GTO64 profile engraving
    water resistant 30m

variants and references:
    Pour Ferrari ? Richeville 250GTO
    LMB specification
    Pink gold : 1 piece, ref. 90215-52-611BBA6A
    White gold : 1 piece, ref. 90215-53-611BBA6A

    Pour Ferrari ? Richeville 250GTO
    ?62 specification
    Pink gold : 28 pieces, ref. 90215-52-611-BA6A
    White gold : 28 pieces, ref. 90215-53-611-BA6A

    Pour Ferrari ? Richeville 250GTO
    ?64 specification
    Pink gold : 7 pieces, ref. 90215-52-611ABA6A
    White gold : 7 pieces, ref. 90215-53-611ABA6A

    Retail price : region of 54?000 CHF

Both editions are scheduled for delivery in October 2005.

These are the informations possible to gather at this point.
As much as i begged, no pictures for public use on the web so far (for obvious reasons...). Public use of pictures was explicitly prohibited by GP and i?m bound by my word not to release them on the forum.
Don?t kick me, i?m just the bearer of the news...

Greetings from germany,


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Thanks for the info ..... it sounds like the final split between GP and Ferrari ...

 By: Evitzee : July 17th, 2005-05:05
was a bit contentious and acrimonious. Whatever the feelings between the two organizations I think GP can fly on its own without the Prancing Horse tie-in. It has served its purpose but its time to move on.

That?s true

 By: PeterCDE : July 19th, 2005-01:01

Thanks Peter...this info is appreciated

 By: Jokoh : July 17th, 2005-07:07
But strange that they should show it pubicly at KL than say you can't post a picture. Well anyway, we all know what it looks like and now we have the technical details. Now to go for the "hunt" cheers joe

I believe you mean F430, not F40

 By: Ken : July 19th, 2005-05:17
Please reveiw previous post and for their latest model.

Photo of the Rose Gold 90215-52-611BBA6A

 By: Mike16 : September 2nd, 2020-03:43
250 GTO LMB. IN pink gold ...  

Photo of the Rose Gold 90215-52-611BBA6A

 By: Mike16 : September 22nd, 2020-13:26