Girard-Perregaux 1966 40mm Pink Gold, 49555

Feb 05, 2019,04:36 AM



Let’s go back a little bit to a GP that got a bit overlooked a couple of years ago when it came out.


The 40mm Girard-Perregaux 1966, Ref 49555 with Time and Date was introduced earlier as the first steel 1966.


However, GP then also released the 40mm 1966 in Pink Gold. Now people will quickly notice that the 40mm in Pink Gold seems like an odd addition as we already have the similar watch in 38mm and 41mm. Now the 41mm versions have actually been removed from the catalogue, but an even larger 44mm remains available.


The 41mm 1966 used the larger caliber 01800, while the 40mm and 38mm both share Caliber 03300.


What is immediately visible is the small difference of the 40mm 1966 when compared with the other models. It dropped the blued second hand in favour of a pink gold seconds hand.


As minor as it seems, for me this gives a completely different feel of the watch on the wrist. Okay, maybe not completely but surely noticeable.


When comparing it with the 38mm, not only the second hand is an obvious difference, but also the placement of the date window which is better done in the smaller 38mm case.


When then looking at the 40mm Steel, the entire feel here is much colder (no surprise) but the key difference are the shaped and applied indexes. That makes the steel more “technical” and less “dressy” in my view.


We also know the 38mm Pink Gold with Guilloche dial. Here the seconds hand is also in pink gold but the dial is very different.


When I wore the 40mm pink gold it really felt right in terms of size and also the overall creamy dial appearance which is stronger than on the version with blued seconds hand.


If I had one wish, then I would like to see the larger caliber put into the 40mm 1966 which would allow the date window to be better placed, but even as it is, this is a very nice and classic dress watch.





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Great review!

 By: J K : February 5th, 2019-05:32
Thanks for the interesting comparison. I totally agree that without blue second hand this version of GP 1966 looks and feels different to the smaller version. Watch looks great. Although, I prefer the one with blue hand as it gives dial a bit sharper and ... 

Such a hard choice...

 By: APROchrono : February 6th, 2019-07:47
But love the blued hands! Gives it a more classic feel imho.

Sometimes... ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : February 5th, 2019-11:25

The GP 1966 is a winner in any size or metal! :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : February 5th, 2019-11:19
If any weak link of the GP 1966 would be the case back. The opening showing the movement should either be larger or not at all - give space for some nice engravings? On the other hand, most of the time you wear the watch on your wrist... And the comfort o... 

They just do it right on the cases

 By: crown comfort : February 5th, 2019-22:30
the right size and very well thought through lugs.

The 1966 case and lugs are so lovely in any size and combo. So refined yet beautiful. For me, equivalent JLC models just can’t compare. As for the date window....

 By: Cru Jones : February 5th, 2019-12:30
....the advantage is that one finds more of a substantial index at 3pm, which at least in the steel allows more reflections, and for either version, fills the dial a bit more. That being said, yes perhaps a wider date wheel could be better.... but then lo...