Correct. [nt]

Oct 22, 2020,13:47 PM

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Came across this one today.

 By: 111forza : October 22nd, 2020-12:48
Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on it personally not seen this watch before but I’m no GP expert ; ) Apologies for the poor photo. ...  

Don’t know anything about the watch except I like it.

 By: kev09 : October 22nd, 2020-12:57
I think Francorchamps is a racing circuit in Belgium. I expect the GP experts will have more information for you. Regards Kev.

Yes, SPA Francorchamps.

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : October 22nd, 2020-13:03 ...  

amazing track

 By: VinnieD : October 22nd, 2020-13:10
You can feel yourself very much alive in Kemmel and in the Raidillon of course! Great hilly course

Correct. [nt]

 By: amanico : October 22nd, 2020-13:47

Francorchamps is both

 By: VinnieD : October 22nd, 2020-13:08
- a small city next to Spa, where you can find one of the nicest race tracks. - the Ecurie Francorchamps is the racing team of Jacques Swaters, created in 1952. He became the Ferrari importer for Belgium (one of the first ones worldwide, and a good friend...  

FLY or Ferrari Light Yellow is not official

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : October 22nd, 2020-13:35
The correct name for the Ferrari standard yellow is "Giallo Modena."

I love all those car-specific colours

 By: VinnieD : October 22nd, 2020-13:54
Primrose yellow Irish green Oro chiaro So poetic!

From the official Ferrari Magazine

 By: PoyFR : October 22nd, 2020-14:05
Here part of the legend Il giallo, al pari del rosso, è un colore che è nel DNA del marchio A questo colore, nelle sue varie tonalità, sono legate molte vicende della storia di questa azienda. È il caso di Fiamma Breschi, vedova del pilota Luigi Musso e a... 

I am vouching for the Fly engineering company that still exists

 By: VinnieD : October 22nd, 2020-14:27
Ferrari Light Yellow - I am not sure this is the right origin Only Enzo knows! Thanks for your contributions

They did a ‘Fiat Cars’ Ltd edition.

 By: amg786w : December 1st, 2020-08:19
Can’t recall the reference, and just tried to find the google pic without any joy, but that watch is quite stunning.

Fantastic style. A watch you can have fun with for sure.

 By: Reuven Malter : October 22nd, 2020-14:56
I like that mixture of complexity and sportiness.

Thanks for the information everyone

 By: 111forza : October 23rd, 2020-07:10
Very informative and much appreciated : )


 By: Indejaus : January 3rd, 2021-05:22
its a 4946 ecurie francorchamps limited edition. They produced around 100 of them, in this colour dial, and the other limited edition they made was the Villa Margarita one. the normal 4946 i used to have it , looking for this rare watch for a long time, n...