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Jun 11, 2024,05:34 AM

My only complaint about this watch is that the brushed bezel can be easily scratched and it shows. I wish it’s polished instead. Or maybe the metal chosen is not hard enough?

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Good looking Moon phase laureato evo3

 By: SingaporeMarc : June 11th, 2024-05:45
Yours is case diameter 42.6 mm yes? Evo 3 has a 44 mm as well. As for the steel, the 3 handers are 316 L like most of the other brands. The chronograph could be 904 L not sure. The current production laureato chronographs 42 mm are 904 L. 3 handers are 31...  

Thank you Marc

 By: loujo : June 11th, 2024-06:05
I believe mine is 44mm. I actually didn't know about the existence of the one you have until seeing your post. That's a really cool one with the decorated quartz movement. I'd love to learn your techniques to remove scratches from brushed surfaces.

I just checked.. yours is 42.6 mm

 By: SingaporeMarc : June 11th, 2024-06:25
Girard Perregaux Laureato Evo3 42.6mm Automatic Mens Watch 80185-11-131-11A 410 For scratch removal, it depend where the scratches are and the type of scratch. You can send me a PM and we take it offline. Too complicated to explain all here. 🤝

Thanks. I’m so excited to have found

 By: SingaporeMarc : June 11th, 2024-06:28
the 80188 quartz. I’m trying to encourage other collectors to collect the rare birds from GP. Actually across brands. Neo vintage especially. I think most want to buy are “afraid” of making a mistake.

Beautiful photo!

 By: gary_g : June 11th, 2024-10:26

Beautiful watch, view and picture

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 11th, 2024-12:04

A good looking Laureato.

 By: hora12reborn : June 11th, 2024-19:42