Wine fellas, what are you having this WE? :-)

May 02, 2021,07:22 AM

Leaving you all with 2 photos.

About last night: 69 Angelus. 74 Poyferre. 88 Baron. 95 Jaboulet

Patek ref. 3940r (shot taken this PM)


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 By: Mr.Gatsby : May 2nd, 2021-07:42
Looking forward to see some wine photos from you. Would be a dream if I could be in France to drink some good wine with you mon ami.

Beautiful selection, but how were the vintages?

 By: emcquillan : May 2nd, 2021-15:51
I think 1974 was not a great year for Bordeaux, but in general how were all these mature wines? Was there one that stood out from the others? Thank you Monsieur and great photo of what looks like a very fun and decadent evening.

Hello mate :-)))

 By: Mr.Gatsby : May 2nd, 2021-18:26
Good to hear from you. The 69 ‘Angelus definitely stood out from the lot. There’s really a lot going on when you nose it, superbly complex. The 74 is as you say not the best but we wanted a 70s vintage to fill the gap from 60s to 90s — one for each decade...