Today some beef fillet teriyaki

May 24, 2021,18:05 PM

Not bad

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I I understand 🍽

 By: brauner : May 24th, 2021-18:43

Actually looks really good.

 By: Ivan5 : May 24th, 2021-21:46
By the way you "treat" your beef, I can tell you know what you're doing, my friend! 👌


 By: brauner : May 26th, 2021-06:47

Looks better than good :-)

 By: MikiJ : May 24th, 2021-23:34
However a couple of decades in the restaurant business, tenderloin was primarily used for grilled steaks. After the whole tenderloin was carefully cleaned, silver skin stripped away, swe would take the tail and "wings" ogg the head and use those lessor cu... 

Can imagine

 By: brauner : May 26th, 2021-06:51

Just a thought...

 By: MikiJ : May 26th, 2021-12:59
Next time you're in the mood for your great looking tenderloin teriyaki, maybe cut a couple 8 to 12oz. filets out of the chateaubriand and putem' on the grill

A Table! ;)

 By: amanico : May 25th, 2021-21:20


 By: brauner : May 26th, 2021-06:49

O man

 By: Jurry : June 6th, 2021-18:19
I just finished dinner an hour ago but seeing this makes me hungry again