The science of a Sunday roast

May 17, 2020,09:18 AM

First panfry the beef thouroughly from all sides in butteroil. This will kill all possible bacteria on the surface and makes the attached fat crispy. Transfer it on a tray into the oven and roast it at 175 degrees. Use a thermometer to hit the exact point of your liking. I find 52-55 degrees perfect: moist and safe that bacteria and other nasty organism are neutralised.

No sauce béarnaise this time ... I am dieting 😎.

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We like to get saucy dear Count ;-0)) ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 17th, 2020-09:26
I completely agree with you about sealing the meat in a hot pan first as it also adds to the flavour. Looks delicious, enjoy !!!

I’m slow roasting a shoulder of Pork ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 17th, 2020-09:52
After a 16km walk today.

I try to maintain a healthy regime...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : May 17th, 2020-09:59
Everyone needs a treat occasionally 😉

Looks great

 By: Jurry : May 17th, 2020-10:06
I make that same recipe once in a while. But when it goes into the oven I add - generous amount of red wine - spring onions - garlic - rosemary twigs - red pepper Etc Basically like coque au vin but then beef haha. It’s so darn good

There is an app for your phone from the Angus beef people called "Roast Perfect".

 By: mpg13 : May 17th, 2020-10:08
It's pretty good. Instructions are specific for different cuts, timers for the cooking stages etc.

Thank you

 By: Jurry : May 17th, 2020-11:50
I will look it up. Like our Count I’m mostly use a meat thermometer although I typically take mine little bit warmer and thus less red But that’s purely matter of personal taste and if you like rare-medium-well done (and anything in between)