Traif palace in Dirriyah (old town) with my Centigraphe S

Nov 24, 2019,05:40 AM

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I was there for day 2

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : November 24th, 2019-06:45
Great event

I am glad you liked it :-) [nt]

 By: LX (Alex) : November 24th, 2019-06:53

Beautiful scenery. [nt]

 By: aris d : November 24th, 2019-07:21


 By: PalmSprings : November 24th, 2019-11:55
That looks beautiful!

I love this series, Mohannad. Great pictures!

 By: ChristianDK : November 24th, 2019-12:19
It is interesting how well the watch seems to match with the palace in the background. What an incredible construction it is, with this big "monolithic" form. It looks like it grows right out of the ground. I can also see how his watch is really useful in... 

i don't like diriyah, it is reminiscent of many renovated old towns i have seen in china.

 By: Peter : November 27th, 2019-13:15
hopefully the saudis don't do the same kind of plunder in mada in saleh. but i have hopes, there the french are in charge:: ))

The Traif palace is maintained as is from the old days

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : November 27th, 2019-20:44
A lot of heritage sites and locations are being restored now I would love to be your host if or when you visit A lot is going on now we can’t keep up