Tell me what’s wrong with this picture.

Mar 24, 2021,06:16 AM

Coffee run this morning.  Nice to get to sit outside even though it’s still a little chilly here (down jacket mandatory!).

Focusing on the watch, can anyone spot what’s wrong here? 

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The crown being pulled out is a minor detail.

 By: blau : March 24th, 2021-08:09
The watch belonging to you rather than me? That, sir, is huge.

It seems to run a little counter to your style though? Or are you a little all over the place like me in terms of watches?

 By: Jay (Eire) : March 24th, 2021-09:07
I definitely run very informal to somewhat formal (Lange, Romans, Strap) and everywhere in between. The only place I don’t really go is the dressier pieces, although I’ve been eyeing some classic Calatravas and several Cartier pieces for many years.

It does.

 By: blau : March 24th, 2021-11:54
It's only really over the last year or two that I've developed a significant interest in more 'techy', less 'classic' sorts of watches. This led to me moving from thinking of these linesport Journes as appealing curiosities to something I seriously wanted... 

I hear you on that.

 By: Jay (Eire) : March 24th, 2021-13:21
While “sports” or dive watches were generally my thing it took several years for these Journe pieces to appeal to me. The current references are really appealing, I think I’d be very interested in the two titanium pieces if my wrist was a little larger. ... 

Bingo ! Yes.

 By: Jay (Eire) : March 24th, 2021-06:34
For whatever reason, with this watch I continually forget to push the crown back in. 50% of the time I’ll look down after the watch being on my wrist for a while and realize I did it again.

oh, man!!!

 By: ChristianDK : March 24th, 2021-07:57
I want one !

If you had the choice, let’s say at at roughly the same price level, this one or the current reference?

 By: Jay (Eire) : March 24th, 2021-09:10
It’s hard to ignore the major aesthetic difference, rubber bumpers versus no rubber bumpers, or yellow dial (if that was your choosing), so maybe not such an easy comparison for some. But, if you had to choose which one would it be?

I like mine

 By: shafran : March 24th, 2021-12:37

Good question, Jay. Very good question actually. I would have to consider the answer.

 By: ChristianDK : March 24th, 2021-13:46
I haven’t thought about it in that way because I had written off the old one. I prefer the old size it I honestly prefer it without the rubber inserts. The bezel? Not sure which I prefer. So pros and cons. Food for thought and a great question.


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