All in one watch...

Aug 14, 2019,11:14 AM

I remember well the day end of 2010, when I had the chance to see and handle a prototype of the Chopard L.U.C All-In-One, launched for the 150th anniversary of Chopard. A grail with nothing more to expect. Like a Sky-Moon-Tourbillon... Rather large, but wearable with the right attitude. But it was unreachable at that time and should stay a dream.
But one I never forgot - and now I had the chance to make it come true: I parted with some watches I barely ever wore and could make it happen: Owning the All-In-One smile

What a watch! Of course nothing for daily wear, but it will see my wrist as often as the occasion allows.
Tourbillon with Breguet-overcoil and Variner-spring, instantaneous perpetual calendar with big date, equation of time, sunrise and sunset time, orbital moonphase with skychart and a welcome 7-day power-reserve smile

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That's spectacular!

 By: mpg13 : August 14th, 2019-11:22
I didn't know Chopard made something like that.

One of Chopard's finest timepieces.

 By: MichaelC : August 14th, 2019-12:18
Nothing short of spectacular. Thanks for the photos!


 By: fuigo : August 14th, 2019-16:59
What a statement piece! And what a great statement it is!

absolutely amazing watch!

 By: Spencer Karrington : August 15th, 2019-01:04
Congratulations on the purchase of such an amazing timepiece, such an amazing watch and I love the back with that moon phase/star system and the front is beautiful from a unique manufacturer

Huge congrats

 By: Jurry : August 15th, 2019-01:20
What a watch? I had no idea that Chopard was making such complicated watches. If i only had a list of the complications and had to guess which brand, I probably would have guessed VC It looks stunning, indeed not for daily wear but for those occasions whe... 

A spectacular watch.

 By: jlux : August 15th, 2019-05:36
It really shows that the Chopard LUC is amongst the very best!

Holy sh.... what a watch

 By: stere : August 26th, 2019-01:12
wow...Incredible! Enjoy your new acquisition and wear it Always in good Health. stere