I might be looking at my first Platinum watch...

Nov 07, 2016,13:02 PM

Having seen it in person, I have to say that dial is a mesmerizing teal/grey and it's priced to be a winner!

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Chopard launched the new L.U.C Time Traveler One world time watch in London

 By: MTF : October 11th, 2016-08:21
Dateline: 11th October 2016. Location: London, U.K. Time Check: 12:00 GMT #TRAVELINGINSTYLE #THEGENTLEMANSWAY #CHOPARDLUC L.U.C Time Traveler One steel Today, marked a timely milestone in Chopard history. Exactly at noon of Tuesday, 11th October 2016, Cho...  

The Oragne Steel looks awesome! :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : October 11th, 2016-08:26

The platinum one is amazing cool ...

 By: nilomis : October 11th, 2016-08:33
Not that the SS version is bad, quite contrary. I\'m happy that Chopard seems to be on a great direction. Thanks for showing. Cheers, Nilo

From strength to strength!

 By: KMII : October 11th, 2016-08:54
Chopard is on a roll - first the GMT and now this very interesting World Time. In steel it really is a steal and a very nicely designed and under the radar one, too! Definitely worth a look

And there is more from Chopard in the next 12 months.... :o)

 By: MTF : October 11th, 2016-10:08
A brace of Bling iPhones and L.U.C 1.96 reference 16/1860/1 Peacock and UnderSea designs. Regards, MTF L.U.C 1.96 ...  

LOL :) [nt]

 By: KMII : October 11th, 2016-18:23

Very nice

 By: Esharp : October 11th, 2016-09:21
I love the style - really nice combination of a vintage appeal with modern flair, not too formal but not too casual either. Price seems about right too. Will have to see how it is in the metal! Best E.

LIVE Photos New L.U.C Traveler One watches and gentleman wearers

 By: MTF : October 11th, 2016-09:46
Dear forumners, The unique selling points of the L.U.C Traveler One are the long 60-hour power reserve and independent chronometer certification, as well as the world timer functions. You would be hard pushed to find an equivalent competitor on all those ...  

Very nice and very interesting!

 By: patrick_y : October 11th, 2016-11:57
And the first WorldTime with a date from a premium brand; the Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe World Time models are sans date. Looking forward to seeing one of these in a future visit to a major city where I can see a Chopard boutique. Furthermore,... 

Production speed and cost and material

 By: MTF : October 12th, 2016-00:44
As this useful model will be "flying" out of the stores, consideration had to be given to production bottlenecks and cost. The primary certification is precision so COSC is a must. Although Chopard is the world leader in QF awards, the Foundation has only... 

Winner! Want!

 By: CaliforniaJed : October 11th, 2016-14:37
Those are the two words that come to mind for this PurisT! I cannot wait to see these myself. Very, very jealous that you are doing so now, MTF! Best, CaliforniaJed

steel looks to be a great choice with black dial & orange luminova...

 By: mahesh : October 11th, 2016-21:26
also like the blue dial @ platinum version too... compelling price point IMHO for the steel version. Best, mahesh.,

GBP 1000 - 20,000 less

 By: MTF : October 12th, 2016-00:55
Mahesh, You spotted the more popular ones! Steel and Platinum. Yesterday, I checked out most of the top competitors' offerings in Harrods and none had the same combination of long power reserve (60 hrs), date display (travelling), globe crown and fair pri... 

I love the fact...

 By: mahesh : October 12th, 2016-02:20
The date display isn\'t a typical \'date window\' Best, mahesh.,

For Chopard, I think they had a big success with this watch...

 By: andrewluff : October 14th, 2016-11:02
and of course it includes the magic colour Orange!! There are only a few negatives in my opinion.... the steel case is really too lightweight and for such a watch that really suits dressing up, I really would like something with more weight. I also was le...  

Very interesting achievements

 By: kolosstt : October 20th, 2016-21:45
Thanks for sharing the news. Two appealing models that Chopard brought to the market. GMT and Traveller One just seem right. While I am looking for a worldtimer for my collection, this Chopard model took me a while to digest. Of course, there is a lot of ... 

If you like the subtle smokey blue grey dial on discreet platinum case

 By: MTF : October 21st, 2016-09:39
Kolosstt The platinum case has more heft than steel, according to the cognoscenti. I find the blue too distracting to read the cities but that is a personal thing. Most of the rich and famous at the launch preferred the platinum L.U.C Traveler One. Some l...  

Besides the color and contrast;

 By: kolosstt : October 27th, 2016-22:17
How where opinions about the hour markers? They have such a well-known shape, but they are not applied but printed I suppose? Based on your recent picture, the steel certainly offers better contrast for easier readability. Best Kolosstt

How It's Made

 By: MTF : October 28th, 2016-05:37
KOLOSSTT, The sunburst satin-brushed dial in a grey-blue colour was achieved by galvanic treatment depositing ions on the dial. The city disc in a grey-blue tone was achieved by galvanic treatment, to which, white and red transfers were added. The satin-b...  

I might be looking at my first Platinum watch...

 By: secretlife : November 7th, 2016-13:02
Having seen it in person, I have to say that dial is a mesmerizing teal/grey and it's priced to be a winner!

I conclude that you are young and trendy with a blue suit

 By: MTF : November 7th, 2016-15:16
See above for the reasons why.... MTF