Congrats Ken!

Jan 24, 2018,19:34 PM

Much deserved.
And looking forward to more of your in depth reports.

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New Moderator PuristSPro CHOPARD Forum

 By: MTF : January 23rd, 2018-03:27
Dear PuristS, Please meet and greet the new PuristSPro Chopard Forum co-Moderator: KIH. We waited until after SIHH 2018 to announce as Ken was travelling.... Due to his excellent reports about all brands in Japan but especially spotted by CHOPARD, Mr Karl...  

You will do best! ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : January 23rd, 2018-05:35

Congratulation Ken.

 By: zabreg1 Mr White : January 23rd, 2018-03:35
Good luck.

Excellent news and congratulations, Ken!

 By: KMII : January 23rd, 2018-03:38
This is very exciting and I am looking forward to you co-moderating Chopard! I take it an 8HF chronograph is in the making as we speak

That was KIH's Chopard 8Hz Chronometer and the ladies' watches were....

 By: MTF : January 23rd, 2018-03:49
....worn by secret friends...... KIH is very discrete...hehehe. Regards, MTF

I know :)

 By: KMII : January 23rd, 2018-04:01
But KIH also expressed his desire for a LUC 8HF Chronograph repeatedly - with him in the new role I am simply daydreaming ahead a bit Below another shot fro KIH's well travelled LUC 8HF Chronometer ...  

oops....I thought you were dreaming of the next 8Hz Chrono

 By: MTF : January 23rd, 2018-04:11
....that Ken is designing in his head...hehehe. PuristS 20th anniversary? Regards, MTF

I'm in :) [nt]

 By: KMII : January 23rd, 2018-04:11

Ken and Chopard.....

 By: Baron - Mr Red : January 23rd, 2018-03:45
Congratulations. .....a perfect match.


 By: keks : January 23rd, 2018-03:49
Great match!

Congratulations Ken! [nt]

 By: KamalRostov : January 23rd, 2018-03:50

Congratulations KIH!

 By: patrick_y : January 23rd, 2018-03:58
Always well deserved. And looking forward to learning more about the Ferdinand Berthoud timepieces as well!

Ah, Partick, thanks!

 By: KIH : January 23rd, 2018-05:37
Wish I could spend more time with you at SIHH. Sorry! Next time in SF!

Big congratulations to you dear Ken

 By: Alkiro1 : January 23rd, 2018-04:10
Best wishes Alkiro

If I can, with a great pleasure πŸ™

 By: Alkiro1 : January 23rd, 2018-06:01
Best wishes Alkiro

Welcome in your new role, Ken!

 By: stromer : January 23rd, 2018-04:11
An excellent choice by the executive team It was a big pleasure meeting you in Vienna last year. (And also to be allowed to see your 8Hz Chronometer in the ceramics.) Best, Martin

Great news ! Congrats Ken ! [nt]

 By: jrwong23 (aka watchthebin) : January 23rd, 2018-04:29

Congrats Ken on your new assignment!

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 23rd, 2018-04:57
Cheers D

Congrats Ken!!

 By: beerstyle : January 23rd, 2018-05:35
I'm sure you will exceed all expectations in your new role

Congrats Ken for the new role

 By: crown comfort : January 23rd, 2018-05:35
looks like exciting times ahead with Chopard. CC

Congrats Ken!

 By: jporos : January 23rd, 2018-07:50
Looking forward to your insight on where Chopard is going.

Great news and big congrats [nt]

 By: FanFrancisco : January 23rd, 2018-08:21

Great to read the news

 By: kolosstt : January 23rd, 2018-09:42
And get more of the great insights from Chopard through Ken. Very happy to have KIH joining the team! Cheers Kolosstt

Congratulation, dear Ken!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : January 23rd, 2018-10:22
Wishing you all the success that you deserve! Best Blomman

Oh, man.... Will someone rent me your vintage car? :-))

 By: KIH : January 23rd, 2018-15:56
... but would love to go see the race one day. Thanks, FX! It was great seeing you in Geneva near the lake as well as at SIHH. So nice to see you. Ken

Congratulations Ken!! [nt]

 By: AnthonyTsai : January 23rd, 2018-17:24

Congrats Ken!

 By: takashi78 : January 24th, 2018-19:34
Much deserved. And looking forward to more of your in depth reports.

Excellent! Congratulations Ken!

 By: MichaelC : January 25th, 2018-05:47
With you and Melvyn both on this brand, the coverage will be outstanding. Mel already had this board on top, but you seem to obtain great access in your market, and this benefits everyone here. PS, I love that 8HF ;-)

Thanks, 8HF brother!

 By: KIH : January 25th, 2018-23:31
Will try to keep up with Melvyn But I will cover AP as well, brother! Ken

Yeah! Thanks, Luis.

 By: KIH : January 27th, 2018-19:17
Would love to see you again!

Congratulations to CHOPARD, and to all do us, on KIH’s selection

 By: CaliforniaJed : February 1st, 2018-22:05
It’s a fantastic one, and we’re lucky to have him. Apologies for the delayed reply, by the way. I’ve been traveling due to a family matter but back home now. I’m looking forward to our new moderator’s influence on the forum! ...