Ever seen this 1970s Cartier Tank before?

Apr 04, 2015,09:45 AM

I recently acquired this vintage Cartier stepped dial tank, partly because it seemed like a rather rare model.  After doing some research, I found that Antiquorum auctioned a similar one in 2013 with a dark blue dial and identified it as the Cartier Ref. 1543 Galbé Gold Plated Cartier Paris, case No. 5-512-118, Ref. 1543, from the 1980s.  This one has a black vermeil dial with gold lettering, and measures 26 x 27 mm, which is larger than any of the other tank watches made during this time.  The dealer who sold me this one dates it from the 1970s.  Does anyone have any more information or trivia about this particular model?  I could find no mention of it in Franco Cologni's book "Cartier The Tank Watch," but that book is particularly weak on Cartier watches of the 1970s - 80s.  Wondering if it was only offered by Cartier Paris, and whether it's from before or after the "Must de Cartier" era.  

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It's not a Tank

 By: Geo : April 4th, 2015-11:29
But what it is exactly, I do not know yet. Around 1974 Cartier released a series of different models where your watch belongs to. The Vendome, the Square Incurve, the Gondole, the Cristallor, the Ellipse,, the Coussin and the Square wristwatch. Yours come... 

many thanks

 By: Blackdial : April 4th, 2015-12:13
Thanks Geo! I've seen a Vendome that has the same black vermeil on gold lettering style. Would love more information if you find it.

Thanks Geo for your input. As I wrote below, I was thinking about...

 By: foversta : April 4th, 2015-15:05
... a kind of evolution of the Square. Or of the Vendome Galbée. Thanks a lot for your input! Fx

a stunner [nt]

 By: americano : April 4th, 2015-16:25

Cristalor closest match...

 By: ron66 : April 5th, 2015-02:06
Probably before the ''Must line''. Cartier NY ? There are no silver marks on the case,'' Must '' models where either plaque on 925 silver or the where made of 750 gold. A few where only silver without plaque. Love the black dial. Kind regards, Ronald


 By: hoistforrent : April 16th, 2020-02:38

Its a Cartier Tank Stepped NY Ref: 15716

 By: hoistforrent : April 16th, 2020-02:40
Nice find! Luckily you bought the rarer version of the 1970s Stepped Cartier Tank. Cartier This model is a PRE-Must De Cartier with a gilded brass alloy back-plate and solid silver vermeil gilded front case and is referred to as the Tank Stepped (NY) with... 

see link for more about this watch

 By: hoistforrent : April 16th, 2020-02:50
see link for more info forums.watchuseek.com .html#post51469653

crown of 15716 or 1543

 By: Bradley Dingli : October 16th, 2020-08:12
I would like to source a crown for the 1543 model. Where can i source a new or second hand one? and would the crown of the 1543 and the 15716 fit the same winding mechanism? Regards, Bradley