"Monday's a fun day".. So why

Oct 05, 2020,01:54 AM

can't I decide which Cartier to wear today?

Santos or Calibre de Cartier?

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I would take the Santos...

 By: ronhan : October 5th, 2020-02:08
...problem is, I would always take the Santos! ;-)

LOL! [nt]

 By: wover : October 5th, 2020-02:21

:-) [nt]

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : October 5th, 2020-07:20

Hmm, that's the easy answer... [nt]

 By: wover : October 5th, 2020-05:33
No message body

Santos for me. [nt]

 By: amanico : October 5th, 2020-05:28


 By: wover : October 5th, 2020-05:38
I'll change to the Santos. That's what happens if you rely on a forum for help! ...  

It IS gorgeous!

 By: wover : October 5th, 2020-11:13
The quick change system for the bracelet/strap is perfect, the link removal system works great. The watch sits nice and low at just 8mm high and a slight curve that hugs the wrist. The blue to black dial isn't bad either. But the Calibre is a great watch ... 

The Calibre!

 By: MRA : October 6th, 2020-01:16
That exact watch was THE watch that made me pay attention to Cartier. It will always be a favourite of mine. Enjoy

The Calibre, I believe, was a game changer.

 By: wover : October 6th, 2020-05:33
Now what they did with the latest Santos line... I wonder what an updated tortue would look like.


 By: mjo421 : October 11th, 2020-10:56
But the bezel is really a scratch magnet. Mine is currently at Cartier for polishing, but I still love it.

Scratch magnet was what I was

 By: wover : October 11th, 2020-14:22
afraid of. But the heart overruled the mind. And I'm glad it did!