Was sunny in London… for 5 minutes!😆

Jun 17, 2024,13:06 PM

And I had to take this masterpiece out - lucky enough to have this breathtaking 911 Turbo S in the door!

I think that’s a match - watch + car!

44 mm
Middle case in sapphire cristal
Bvlgari is about the details!

Love the press crown to swap between winding and time set-up!
Do you think it would have a place in your watch collection?
Not many people are ready for this - and my dream is to find a lady confident enough to walk out the boutique with it!

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You are so right

 By: Arronax : June 17th, 2024-13:09
Not many people are ready for a bright yellow Turbo S Joke aside I like the watch, although I suspect it's even more expensive than the car?

Haaahaha!!! You are not far…

 By: daniel.fernandez : June 17th, 2024-14:37
For the price of the car… you can get watch and a half!


 By: daniel.fernandez : June 17th, 2024-14:38
Can’t wait to have the Octo Roma Naturalia series and share the pictures!!!

Beautiful and impressive

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 17th, 2024-14:39


 By: daniel.fernandez : June 17th, 2024-16:13


 By: hora12reborn : June 17th, 2024-19:32

Great looking piece

 By: Derreck : June 18th, 2024-10:18
Love the sapphire in the case, being able to see the movement through it must be wonderful

✋🏻🤚🏻 absolutely!!

 By: daniel.fernandez : June 19th, 2024-08:50

My personal fight!

 By: daniel.fernandez : June 19th, 2024-08:55
Challenging the notion of "too big for my wrist" is worthwhile! There's no such thing; a watch will always sit beautifully. As I mentioned in my previous post, there's nothing sexier than a large watch on a lady's small wrist, and nothing more manly than ...