Jan 12, 2021,09:33 AM

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Octo Ando Under Bluish Winter Lighting

 By: watchbiao : January 11th, 2021-21:37
Cloudy weather makes everything seem blue and grey. ...  

The Octo to own

 By: Horology75 : January 12th, 2021-03:25


 By: watchbiao : January 12th, 2021-09:33

Thank you

 By: watchbiao : January 12th, 2021-09:33

Very nice octo!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : January 12th, 2021-04:10

Thanks guys!

 By: watchbiao : January 12th, 2021-09:33

Great looking

 By: pmh6000 : January 12th, 2021-06:28

Thanks so much

 By: watchbiao : January 12th, 2021-09:34

Its actually not very dizzying in the metal

 By: watchbiao : January 12th, 2021-09:36
Most of these pictures make the dial look flat and dizzying, but in the metal it has a slight sunburst effect that makes it more three dimensional and alive.

Yup I posted it there too

 By: watchbiao : January 13th, 2021-11:24

Very cool!

 By: patrick_y : January 13th, 2021-21:36


 By: Geo : January 26th, 2021-23:16