Thanks for the walk through Ping

Sep 09, 2010,21:03 PM

Bulgari has made tremendous progress in its watchmaking over the years.


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A Pictorial History of Watches by Bulgari

 By: pingtsai : September 9th, 2010-10:12
Bulgari watches have experienced a long and dynamic history of iconic creations, creative interpretations and constant strives toward technological improvement. The instantly recognizable BVLGARI-BVLGARI watch is a mainstay, anchoring the collection from ...  

Thanks for the walk through Ping

 By: SJX : September 9th, 2010-21:03
Bulgari has made tremendous progress in its watchmaking over the years. - SJX

They certainly have...

 By: pingtsai : September 10th, 2010-10:19
One cannot deny the long-standing history and strategic as well as artistic efforts. Thanks for taking a look. This message has been edited by pingtsai on 2010-09-10 10:20:08

re: A Pictorial History

 By: DRMW : September 9th, 2010-21:58
Thanks for the history behind Bulgari, I'm really liking the CarbonGold! -MW


 By: pingtsai : September 10th, 2010-10:24
I thought it was one of their more interesting pieces as well. There's actually a few floating around for sale that are brand new. I think my top choices would be the Rome or New York one. Thanks for taking a look.

more than pictures...

 By: ocwatching : September 9th, 2010-22:01
great information..thanks for the hard work...learn something new everyday... Thank you! nice post...

Thanks for stopping by. [nt]

 By: pingtsai : September 10th, 2010-10:25
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The Progress of Time at BVLGARI

 By: MTF : September 10th, 2010-02:15
Thanks Ping for the summary. Bulgari seems to have walked a similar path as Cartier; first with movements from suppliers and then with their own Manufactures. First as jewellers and then as watchmakers in their own right. Both brands have just introduced ... 

Interesting parallels...

 By: pingtsai : September 10th, 2010-21:02
...between the two. Bulgari seems to have extended beyond jewelry and watches and positioned themselves as a full luxury lifestyle brand. I would imagine that this leads to a closer understanding of their clientele. It will be interesting to see how they ... 

Thanks Ping for the history of Bulgari watches

 By: ED209 : September 11th, 2010-01:37
Very interesting to see the developments from the 1920's to current. And also the lineage and how the current models still hold the Bulgari style. One of the most interesting things in your article was the pic from the 1970's, I didn't realize that there ... 

Great post, Ping!

 By: dxboon : September 11th, 2010-10:03
It's fantastic to see the brand's horological evolution, culminating with the new in-house movement released this year. While I still am unsure about the design motif for the rotor of the new caliber 168 (Do I like it? Do I hate it? Not sure.), I think Bu... 


 By: AndrewD : September 12th, 2010-15:47
Thanks for this tour of Bulgari, Ping. I love the history of watchmaking, and this puts a lot into perspective, particularly the evolution of their designs. It is remarkable how quickly Bulgari have pushed the envelope of their haute horlogerie lines in t...