New Tadao Ando edition?

Apr 05, 2021,05:00 AM

This popped up for me on chrono24, I have not heard about new edition, I am not sure if it is allowed to link to ch24 listings so I will avoid that and just paste picture. The reference is 103534 and it looks like Tadao Ando edition with addition of moon sickle. 

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Interesting, but I wonder what it adds to the first Tadao edition

 By: Geo : April 5th, 2021-06:31
besides the fact that the case is now in ceramic. George

I tried it on last week at Cellini

 By: Watchmatician : April 5th, 2021-07:39
It’s indeed Ando #2 ...  

I like it

 By: radone : April 5th, 2021-08:51
It inspires a smoking attire It can be even surnamed “the smoking” ...  


 By: Jakub M : April 5th, 2021-11:26
Looks interesting, is the dial blue or is that just photo?

It’s black not blue

 By: Watchmatician : April 5th, 2021-12:55
Might be the AR coating appears to be blue in the c24 photo


 By: redcorals : April 6th, 2021-11:18

What a Poser Moonphase! Not a fan of this "fake" moonphase.

 By: patrick_y : April 5th, 2021-13:03
I can't believe they added a fake moonphase to the watch!

Love it!

 By: Jakub M : April 6th, 2021-01:29


 By: Geo : April 6th, 2021-06:04